Basketball Wives LA Finale

Cover of "Waiting to Exhale"

Cover of Waiting to Exhale

So Gloria Goven and fiance’ Matt Barnes, packed up their stuff together and went their separate ways to start over and according to Matt hook up sometime in the future becasue he knows what he wants-now. Gloria, on the other hand is not so sure; check it, the front door to their home opens to indicates how Matt feels. Gloria walks over and completely closes the door, Ouch! Guess that’s one way of saying how she’s feeling. Anyho, the two were together later to wish a happy birthday to Gloria’s sister, Laura, although Matt came uninvited.

 Laura is apparently taking the kids and moving to Orlando, Florida. However, she has vowed to stay true to her new found friend and to LA. The girls appear a bit skeptical about the move. Jackie seems to have worn out her welcome after her attempts to divide the women failed. Jackie met the gurls & was informed that she was finished. Jackie cried crocodile tears as usual ,maintaining her passion for helping people. One girl summed up Jackie’s behavior as “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Another chimed in how “Jackie was an OLD DOG!” That’s just nasty girls! and I beg to differ with that old dog analogy- I be knowing you ain’t never too old to learn new things-just sayin’

Don’t forget to tune in next Monday for Basketball Wives LA Reunion on VH1. Can you say drama? Caught the new season of Love & HipHop with a new girl in the group. It didn’t take Chrissy long to stump all over the girl either. Seems Chrissy has some anger management problems, or, could this anger stem from her knowing that Jimmie Jones has a reason for not tying the knot-suspicious people.

Anyho, there is going to be a lot of drama this season, so stay tuned. I caught the diva, Whitney Houston’s interview with Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson. Whitney looks goood and feels quite certain there will be another Waiting To Exhale in the mix with all of her former peeps! Won’t talk too much about the interview, cause part 2 airs tonight and if y’all want to read my take? Visit @  London’s City Connect Magazine where yours truly serves as their American Entertainment Correspondent !  

Keen Observation: Gloria Govan’s slew of stylish/banging earrings!



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