Reality TV Queens Are Becoming Haters…

Who Gon' Check Me, Boo? birthday cake

Image by jcolman via Flickr

So hadn’t been tracking Housewives of Atlanta so much until I did a marathon on Sunday night and wow! Call me ‘joAnn’ come lately, but did y’all get the feeling that NeNe is right when she says the girls are hating on her cause she’s rich? excuse me, “Very Rich?!” I mean, subtle, NeNe Leakes ain’t. But, I don’t get all of this jealousy. Look at Sheree’ building a house from the ground up, auditioning for acting gigs and has a clothing line. Kandi, a star in her own musical right, is starting to launch her Sex toys business,or, as Kandi calls herself, an intimate luxury specialist. Say what?

Then, Kim, 33, just married the 25 year old footballer, Kroy, who seemingly worships her and her daughters. The new gurls on the block, Phaedra is an attorney and Cynthia, a model, both married-supposedly, happily… so why hate on NeNe? Women are so catty and that’s a fact. NeNe is rich, er, that’s very rich, b*tch, so what? They’re  all making  the benjamins and quiet as kept? If NeNe Leakes leaves the show? Folks will be asking “what show?! “- just sayin’  

Now, moving on to Love and Hip Hop. Mama Jones in those shorts…you go gurl! I ain’t mad that you’re comfortable in the skin you’re in. I need some of what you’re eating. Attitude and in your face hater that you are, you rock! Now, Chrissy does need to tone it down a bit. Jumping on people when it’s not even her fight. Seems like Chrissy got anger issues- oops said that before. Anyho, don’t forget to watch the Basketball Wives LA Reunion tonight on Bravo.

So how you guys feel about the reality of a Baseball Wives? Coming soon to a Reality network near you:)

Message for all y’all haters and this one taken from a line on the new movie, The Sitter: ” I let the haters become my motivators”  



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