Bits And Pieces of Love & Hip Hop Reality

Okay y’all I’ve been putting out positive energies all over the place as of late, with working my day gig:( promoting my ebook:) go here to download your copy for the holidays Also I’m querying magazines and writing posts for my column at city connect magazine. You can read my latest here I still find time to holla at y’all with bits & pieces of g-mogul wonderment, believe:) so let’s get this party started!

I’m not a hip hop g-mogul per say, but, after watching Love & Hip Hop, I’ve found out what it means to purchase “painkillers.” If y’all been watching the Reality TV show like I have, then you’re aware of Chrissy’s need to get married to her rapper dude, Jimmie Jones. Anyho, Jimmie as you recall, never proposed to the gurl. Chrissy took it upon herself to do that and what a rebound effect that had. Jim Jones mama had a an old aged fit, broke out a song dissing on Chrissy’s relationship with Jimmie.

That song led to Chrissy having an altercation with Jones  longtime manager and new member to the show, Yandy. Chrissy started beefing on Yandy for dancing to mama Jones song up in the club and for talking about her clients being “her money.” Chrissy is all angry and stuff. Remember how she stomped on Kimbella after the gurl confided how she’s slept with Emily’s man? I don’t get the anger. Anyho, like Maya Angelou says ” If you know better you do better.”

And, I hasten to add, the painkiller Chrissy had to settle for? (blinged out earrings) not bad considering:)



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