An Atlanta Falcons Deadbeat Dad?

Ya didn’t hear it from me but the word around t-town is that Housewives of Atlanta’s Sheree, is having problems with her ex. Bob Whitfield apparently is a DEADBEAT dad! Like I said, y’all, that’s the 411. According to reports and what folks kinda witnessed for themselves on the show, the guy refuses to support his kids with child support!  The former Atlanta Falcons player and owner of a recording studio in Atlanta has been paid upwards of  about $30 million in his days on the football field. So, why won’t dude pay for child support to his children? Ok, dude, you and Sheree have had your dramas, but, your 2 children shouldn’t have to suffer for adults funky behaviours and let me ask straight up? You love your kids? Why don’t you spend more time with your son? At 14, don’t ya think he might want to do manly things with his dad, like throwing a football around? DEADBEAT…

Anyho, I’m going to leave the heartwrenching thought right there. A sucker for children I am:) Did y’all hear how Ms “I’m very rich, b*tch” NeNe was hiding out from a rumored fling she had while still married? Sources say dude confirmed one brief encounter with Ms. Leakes and not from any advances he made. He also thought NeNe was too full of herself…Hmmm, that could be a hookup dealbreaker, people; just sayin.

Did anybody catch Tamar Braxton in the Windy City? The younger “full of herself” Braxton sister was invited to Chicago’s WGCI Radio Station to host 2 days of a Tamar Braxton Takeover- another success story for Tamar.Com 

I’m going to touch on this only a bit because the full story will be coming out at my London column. Y’all know how I feel about the underdog? Well, I think Kris Humphries  is finally showing some true grit. After finding out along with the rest of America that Kim has dumped him. He’s made to look like the bad guy via re-edits of the Kardashian Reality Shows to gain back viewers in Kim’s favor. And if that’s not enough, Kim keeps the ring!?! Okay, I might have kept that bad fellow too:)

Well, the latest news is Kris isn’t lying down with the dogs anymore, he’s fighting back! Yep, he’s asking for an annulment and that the prenup the two of them signed preventing Kris from talking about the marriage be declared null and void!!!! Now, Kris is reportedly gearing up to take it all to court and doesn’t mind viewers tuning in! Okay, I’ve said enough. Tune in for an entertainment exclusive from yours truly here in a few weeks!


5 thoughts on “An Atlanta Falcons Deadbeat Dad?

  1. Have you actually read any of the court documentation regarding this case? I suggest that you do so before labeling this guy a deadbeat. The reality show can spin… those court documents cannot.

    • I feel you…and let’s not get it twisted. It’s not always about the money when it comes to the children. Sometimes it’s about spending quality time with them ie stepping up & being accountaable!

    • Not Bob, just someone with more complete information. I do find it incredible that any time this situation is presented in a manner that suggests that Bob Whitfield is not the monster that he is made out to be, the person presenting the opposing view is met with disdain and derision. It’s almost as though some of you actually want this man who has been completely above board to be this ogre in order to justify your negative feelings regarding men. The vast majority of us love and care about our children and make great sacrifices to support them. Bob is one of those men. To suggest otherwise with the use of lies and innuendo not only hurts the men and their children but diminishes yourselves.

      • Hello! This is a gossip site doncha know? If it’s out there and resonates, it will be reported. Got personal itch ? Take it to the one interested in scratching it. just sayin’

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