Rod Blagojevich: “One Man Train Wreck”

Harsh words coming from Illinois Comptroller, Judy Barr Topinka in a series of news interviews after America learned the fate of former Governor of Illinois, the effervescent, Rod Blagojevich. Unfortunately, for Rod and his wife (girls, sic) the impeached and prosecuted governor won’t be shining his light for too much longer. It’s been three years since Rod’s impeachment from his office as Governor of Illinois under allegations of fraud for attempting to sell the senate seat left vacant by our president, and former Chicagoin, Barack Obama.

There were trials, tapes, slanders, finger pointing, and grandstand speeches from political arenas all over Chicago these three years as Blagojevich held steadfast to his innocence and the Feds closed in on uncovering the guilt of another political figure in Chicago Politics. Now that the world knows Rod Blagojevich sentencing of 14 years for corruption, Rod could only declare “We’re going to fight this adversity.”  The present Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, who is not without his own closet of secrets we can presume, came out saying how the sentence was stiff, but, necessary. He goes on to  say when someone in public office commits a crime, a stiff sentence is deserving- hmmm, two Illinois Governors bites the dust so far… just saying’

Come on, don’t y’all be playing like you’re brand new. Chicago’s got a REP! Remember the gangster Al Capone? It’s all relative in Chicago Politics. For the pot to call the kettle black in Chicago is really hilarious- a crooked line pretending to walk it straight?- hello! Now, there’s utterings of making Government more transparent in Chicago via numerous measures. It’s a question of ethics people. Who is on the real and who’s just talking the talk to keep the cash afloat?

Anyhoo, to get a clearer insight into Chicago Politics, a review of BACKSTABBERS, a recent book  by Senator Rickey Henden can be read here under book reviews… Your g-mogul always on the real! 



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