Braxton Family Dates-Up

Okay, so I get that Towanda Braxton finds Hill Harper sexy, fascinating and maybe a bit mysterious  as per his CSI role, but, dang, he makes her tongue-tied!?! Anyhoo, Towanda, just so ya know? I, too got up close & personal with Mr. Harper…only as a FAN! So, don’t go getting the big head. I gots the man autograph, took note of the fact that he likes a beer & a little blues every now and again too! Surrounded by a few of his circle, Mr. Hill Harper was a gentleman, out for an evening of music in a kick back down home vibe aka hole in the wall blues club.

Anyhoo, I’m betting he was a gentleman with you as well Towanda? so go ahead with your lil woman crush, gurl but, your estranged hubby might not like it that you’re fawning over Hill Harper…just sayin’. How about mommy Evelyn dishing out a little elderly wisdom to her girls? Seems Evelyn called a time out with a gentleman Dr. she was seeing for about  a month, because he was moving too fast? Gotta say, I’m not 60 yet, but it’s a comin round the bend anytime, and I’m not feelin’ mommy’s words of wisdom on why women of a certain age marry. I’m not settling, Evelyn. I marry? I marry for love and all the trimmings that comes along with it:)

Shout out to Traci as she tore it up singing background with her sister for Toni’s Indianapolis performance. You still got it Traci and you’re no “wannabee”! Traci needs to shine her light more often. How bout that? 

Did y’all hear Brandy Norwood is coming to The Game? Does she know what she wanna do?

This might not be the platform, but, Olivia (Love & Hip Hop) if you’re reading this, gurl, I can help you with your lyrics . Holla at me and we’ll discuss getting you to the top-cha-ching:)



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