Overexposed Celebrities Of 2011!

English: Wendy Williams in June 2005

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Now don’t go getting it twisted, the fodder for gossip posts were awesome and yet, even a g-mogul like myself began to holler “enough already!” Anyhoo, because I’ll be taking a blogging sabbatical for the remainder of the Holiday season (report back around 2nd week of January) I can just let it rip when it comes to celebrity overexposure in 2011. Without further ado, here’s a g-mogul’s enough already of seeing/hearing/reading stuff about:

Justin Bieber– This kid tops the list of why the heck don’t somebody tell him to slow his role before he’s burned  out without even reaching manhood? I never saw the attraction myself and barely posted anything about him, but, there are many teens, tweens & foolish adults around to add to this kid’s hyped persona!   

Kim Kardashian– okay, I admit to writing many a post about K.K. & the Kardashian clan. In 2012, I won’t devote as much time to their brand, or, their shoes, clothes, sex tapes, etc!

Kris Jenner- Kardashian– enough said:)

Beyonce- sooo glad she’s having a baby! Maybe folks will get a rest from her throwing a scantily clad bodice all over the place…although ‘Put a ring on it” was a fan fave. just sayin’  

Lady Gaga- enough of Gaga…she can sing and dress outrageous, but, so can a lot of other singers…hello!

Jennifer Lopez- okay have to agree with Marc Anthony on this one. You are a grown 4o something year old mother, running around here chasing the tail of a younger ‘you’! Get a grip and take a page from The Staple Singers… Jlo, “Respect Yourself!”

Taylor Swift– A country singer who pens lyrics about the men in her life who dumped her? Any woman can do that doncha know? Ain’t really a Taylor Swift kinda gurl…

Ashton Kutcher– He knew he was too damned young & hot& bothered to even try to pretend he’s the marrying kind! And he shouldn’t have led the cougar that was Demi Moore on like that…Still, Demi should have had a torrid affair and let it run its course- “You know better you do better.”

Donald Trump– Stay out of politics!

NeNe Leakes….Sure you’re a rich bi#ch, but, you’ve become overexposed. Take a chill pill, chick.

Charlie Sheen– “Winning!”

Last, but, hardly least on my list of overexposed celebrities? Wendy Williams! Yep, my gurl and g-mogul mentor in my head, Wendy Williams. The year 2011 was Wendy’s year to shine and shine she did- from DWTS to hosting a game show to gracing numerous magazine covers to talking Wendy after dark, sister gurl got her brand on! Just less is sometimes more Wendy and you know this! Anyhoo, strike while the iron is hot & all of that, but, Wendy, gurl… slow your roll!

Okay, I’m out until 2012 with more juice for your goose!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas & a happy, healthy ” give some of that money to the poor and middle class folks why doncha?” prosperous ,New Year! 



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