Morgan Freeman Receives The Cecil B. Demille Award!

Aloha to all of my g-moguls! Bonjour and God Morgen/Morgon! Yes, I’m back with a different attitude and a bit of special language greetings to y’all:) Anyho, what a great 2012 it’s been so far and sooo much gossip fodder out there for the likes of yours truly. So, where do I began? Hmm, let’s re jumpstart it all by my saying thanks for the love visits & new followers in my absence-“smooches”…

Didn’t really watch much of The Golden Globes but was so proud to see Morgan Freeman receiving the Cecil B. Demille Lifetime Achievement Award! It was well deserved and about dang time and the presenter being Mr. Sidney Poitier himself? Only sealed it for me…love me some Sidney. I mean he’s my idol doncha know? And one more thing while we’re talking about The Golden Globes? Did I miss something, or, was Angelina Jolie seeming a bit pensive? Just sayin.’ I been MIA for a few weeks, but, my intuitive attention to g-mogul details is very much on point. Remember back when I said how Kim Kardashian only said yes to Kris Humphries AFTER laying eyes on that gigantic ring? Umhumm, anyho,episodes depicting Kim being miserable in the marriage is playing out in the new season of Kourtney And Kim Take New York.

Somebody tell me please why these women of Reality Television fighting like cats and dogs over petty stuff? Is it because that’s what keeps viewers watching and the monies rolling in? Is it the reality of these women for real? NeNe, Kim and Sheree, all once good friends, now wh%res & bi*ches. There are so many fights between friends on the new season of Mob Wives, I can’t decide who to root for. Karen was the hero, but, now seems she’s the villian. Didn’t y’all think Drita was sincere in wanting to make up with Karen at Renee’s party? I did. And that Ramona, the instigator, shouldn’t have added fuel to the fires.

Okay, now, officially, I’m back from sabbatical and playing catch up doncha know? There’s so much g-mogul juice coming y’all way:) I can hardly contain myself!  But, y’all need to hit me up on what you think about Baseball Wives… You think it’s worth watching?    




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