Top Fashion Guns Blast Golden Globes

Sarah Michelle Gellar at San Diego Comic-Con 2...

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Morning Friday! It seems every year celebrities try to out do each other when it comes to what they’re wearing at Award Shows. This year’s Golden Globes weren’t any different, doncha know? There were the dazzling jewels, famed designers and sweeps of the best of ” hair”  to wear on the Red Carpet, it was a glitz & glamour Hollywood royalty crapshoot. To help wade through the colorful dresses paraded on the Red Carpet, Wendy Williams and The View invited these fellas to give their fashion hit & miss:

Wendy Williams asked fashion mogul, Marc Bouwar the :

Best Dress- A no- brainer according to Marc, was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo- Rooney Mara

Best Hair- Nicole Ritchie

Best Makeup-Angelina Jolie- red lips

Worst pick on the Red Carpet per Marc Bauwar? Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dress picked by her 2 year old daughter (nough said)

The View invited Tim Gunn’s expert fashion analysis:

Liked the look by Reese Witherspoon in a red dress. Thought the girl with the dragoon tattoo, Rooney Mara, was “very severe “.

Clarified his favorite dress of the night by stating it was actually the person in the dress; Helen Merrian because he loved women with experience & having been around the world. Gunn abhord clothes that doesn’t fit and advises women to look for these 3 important factors when buying clothes:

1. Silhouette


3. Fit…



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