Insights Into Love & Hip Hop Season Finale

Good Morgen! So, I’m watching the finale of Love & Hip Hop where Chrissy is dishing out “MAN” advice to Emily. For Chrissy, it’s all about “Loyalty” and she tells Emily that a man is going to do some stuff (cheat) being in the crazy business they’re in(RAP) but, the man who loves and respect his woman, is going to protect her from all of that ‘stuff’ no matter what…Jim, according to Chrissy is a loyal man (for sure!)

Emily loves Fab, but, she wants him to respect her. She admits her reasons for moving out was due, in part, because she wants Fab to change! Hmmm,  let’s ponder this reasoning for a moment, shall we? You’re with a man for so many years. You get fed up with his disrespect to the point you leave, and yet, you’re still hoping he’ll change for you, because you still love him…hmmm, gurl don’t you think dude would have changed by now? I mean, didn’t yo mama tell ya “You can’t change a man, you can only change yourself?!” Anyho, here’s wishing growth for Emily. Like Maya said “You know better you do better.” I know y’all I’m just such a fan of Ms. Maya Angelou. Didn’t I tell y’all she was my mentor (in my head) before even Oprah? Anyho…

Kimbellla is totally trying to live a normal life for the sake of her kids, although she’s in the business of love & hip hop. She announces to her parents she’s expecting her third child! Her dude was in jail and she was crying out her frustrations to Yancy, who has her own problems with Jim & Chrissy. The difference being, Yancy is chasing her money, moving on and doing ‘her’.  Can y’all be mad at Yancy? Wish I could eyeball that email Yancy sent to Jim though!  

Olivia turns down the record label’s deal and the folks willing to back her because she doesn’t want to give up total control of her music. I think that’s admirable, but, then, I’m also for self preservation. Okay, people, I admire women with true grit and did y’all hear those dope lyrics Olivia wrote about her mom? Spot On! Anyho, shout out to Olivia- still got them lyrics for ya gurl…just sayin’

Now, here’s my g-mogul dilemma people: Sent an email to Timothy Hutton’s people seeking an interview with the star because I admire the man’s BODY, err, his body of work, doncha know? Recently saw The Scottsboro Boys- where those 9 black guys were accused of rape by 2 white gurls during the 1930s in Alabama. Loved him in Mr & Mrs. Loving and Oridinary People! So, Tim, ole man, if you’re reading this? Send an email, or something…just sayin’

Okay, y’all I gits more work to do and don’t get all grammer prissy on me, you’ll bound to read Ebonics when you’re reading some clara54 T blog:)



3 thoughts on “Insights Into Love & Hip Hop Season Finale

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  2. Olivia did NOT make the best decision rejecting that record deal. This is her third time around and she has not had much success with a label or on her own. She is rapidly losing fans because no one really relates to her. At this point she has pretty much relegated herself to being a song writer. Hope that works out for her!

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