Rumble In The Jungle: Mob Wives & The Housewives of Atlanta Recap

Okay now, I got a lot going on here, so, this morning  I overslept-I’m entitled… so now what? But, seriously want to give a holla to Viola Davis & Octavia Spencer for their big wins last night at the Screen Actors Guild( SAG ) Awards! Best actress in a drama? Viola! Best supporting actress? Octavia!  for The Help… anyho, didn’t spend a lot of time on the Red Carpet, cause y’ all be knowing that’s going to be all the rage this Monday on TV Talk.

I decided to devote this post to what this g-mogul is so very good at_ some DRAMA! Did y’all see Mob Wives & Housewives Of Atlanta last night?. Well, let’s talk about that. Those women on Mob Wives, drama, drama, drama! That Renee, Karen, Drita ,Ramona, and Carla just love to brawel… Drita is perveived as the villian, even though she attempted to make up with Karen at Renee’s party. That backfired when Karen brought along Ramona. Karen has anger issues doncha know? Ramona only adds fuel to the fire.

Renee likes a good fight and admits to love being in the center of all that drama. Now, she’s allowing Karen to have a Spa Party at her house on the next episode. Keep in mind, y’all this was before Renee learned how Ramona was badmouthing her ex & son’s father, calling him a loser! Of course, Renee, being under medical supervision & taking those antidepressants and all, well- y’all figure it out- just sayin’.

Karen is sending her 12 year old child back to Arizona cause there’s less Mob interest there and frankly, I think that’s the one sane decision Karen has made since this Reality TV show begun! Now, Drita tells Carla not to go to the frigging party cause she fears Carla might get “mobbed” for lack of a better word. Hmmm, so much drama, so little space cause I gotta get to The Housewives of Atlanta.

So, the Smalls & the Talls got to Cape Town South Africa! The one uninvited guest, Marlo gives the gurls a lesson on etiquette, much to their disgust. NeNe is obviously enjoying the discord caused by Marlo being on the trip. When Sheree is invited to dinner by a friend, she, in turn, invites Kandi and Phaedra along- upsetting the other ladies. Cynthia on pretense tells them to have a good time and they’ll meet up later, prompting Sheree to invite Cynthia without NeNe and Marlo.

Y’all know what happens, right? Cynthia CANNOT wait to rush back to tell the gurls what had just transpired, even embellishing the conversation to , yes, invoke anger from , who else? Marlo! Marlo rushes to confront Sheree and all HELL breaks…The women talk about the 80 year old man supporting Marlo. The lack of funds Sheree really has and the comedic neck & hand thing the two women display even has NeNe trying to make peace ! Between these 2 shows, I needed a drink to calm their nerves!

What y’all think about Cynthia starting something? How about Drita? Is she being stalked by Karen & Ramona too much& for what now?


P.S. Still lookin’ for that one on one, Timothy Hutton. Can somebody make that happen?!     


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