Remembering A Soul Train Icon: Don Cornelius!

Saturdays back in the day were all about Soul Train! Yep, it was what my siblings & I looked forward to after a morning of cartoons, on  those carefree saturdays from school. To learn on Wednesday that the MASTER of Soul Train, Mr. Don Cornelius, had passed away from a reportedly suicide, was truly a sad day. That articulate, well dressed, good looking afroed, voice of silk brother… dead at 75.

 How can anyone not remember that Soul Train helped launched the soul of groups like The Jackson Five, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Earth, Wind & Fire, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, The Supremes?… solo artists such as  Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Little Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston? Wow, this iconic trendsetter of music from the soul won’t be forgotten. And those diashki clothes, funky fro and bellbottoms?  A Black girl’s idea of beauty on a grand scale! How I longed to some day take my turn sashaying down that dynamic Soul Train Line! Anyho,

 Dapper Don Cornelius, if you’re somewhere reading this? I raise my fist  to you. “Wishing you heavenly love, peace and soul”!



5 thoughts on “Remembering A Soul Train Icon: Don Cornelius!

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  2. I lived to watch Soul Train on Saturdays. I loved Don Cornelius because he was so cool. I watch him religiously on Saturdays. Don Cornelius delivered blackness!!! Loved every minute of it! I never wanted the show to end. Soul Train was a place to see so many black people having fun, dancing & Souuuuul! Good stuff!

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