Return Of The Vampire Diaries

Maya Angelou with Bloomberg and Nadler

Image via Wikipedia

Shout out to Shy Town’s Marcie Hill for snagging an interview with the one & only Ms. Maya Angelou! Y’all be knowing that Ms. Angelou has been my mentor (in my head) for  decades, starting with my falling in love with “I know Why The Caged Bird Sings!” and now my gurl and fellow writer, blogger, entrepreneur will be having this great woman on her site @ Marcie Writes!

Okay, nough for tooting your horn, Ms. Marcie, on to some G-mogul news! Now I watched the return of The Vampire Diaries cause that’s my BOO show people. It didn’t fail to disappoint as brothers were seeingly pitted against brothers. Klaus is doublecrossed by little bro Elijah, while Damon and Stefan admits to both loving Elena!

Meanwhile over in the witch camp- Persia White, formerly of GIRLFRIENDS, plays mama witch to Bonnie witch & uses her semi retired powers to help dtr witch open “the coffin” which contained Mama Vampire who, apparently wasn’t even angry at Klaus for daggering her! Nope, seems matron mama vamp only came back to reunite her bloodsucking family.

Now, we’re left to ponder this knife situation of people on the Council. Who’s the culprit people? Come on y’all, spill it!

In closing I’d like to remember Mr. Robert Hegyes aka Juan Epstein aka member of the Sweathogs  from Welcome Back Kotter, the popular television show launching the career of John Travolta airing in the 70’s.  Robert died recently at the age of 60.  okay, “Here’s looking at you kid”-  bogart



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