Recaps From Love & Hip Hop: Reality Check

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I know all y’all caught Monday night‘s Love & Hip Hop: Reality Check. It was off the chain! First off, this reunion for its 2nd season had to be filmed separately & individually-word! The women are sooo divided and hating on each other so much, that executive producer, Mona Scott and the others decided to interview the women separately. Chrissy was so perturbed, ok, people, MAD with the producer Mona, she refused to sit with her for the 1 on 1, going  instead with Jim Ackeman…

Chrissy feels Mona deliberately manipulated her scenes, and she was setup to be in the same room with Yandy to continue their beef. At one point while in Miami, Chrissy appeared to quit the show, but, admitted she only quit “the situation.” Her parting words to Yandy? “She traded her managerial hat in for Reality TV- there you have it, stop aking me about Yandy.” 

Somaya was hurt that her scenes were cut and calls Mona “a bitch.” and Mona asks why she have to be a “bitch?”  Of course, seeing the error of her ways and not wanting to be given even less air time, Somaya quickly apologies. The bottom line for Somaya not getting air time? She fired her manager, Maurice and was  left to  talk about her shoe line of all things-dull…

Kimbella is pregnant and still loves an absent jUELZ.  But, still she hopes that he’ll become more responsible and step up to be the man she knows he can be….after all, he’ll be turning 30! Now, Emily admits she did the reality show to come out from hiding from the world and let them see the woman in a relationship for 8 years with rapper, Fab. Yes, they’re still together, but, now when she’s out with Fab, people know her as well…hmmm.

Yandy’s expanded role on Love & Hip Hop only served to make Chrissy jealous! Chrissy’s for real beef with Yandy seems to be Yandy’s getting more air time on “her show.” Chrissy just wants Yandy to quit the reality show already, but, Yandy did sign a contract and she is getting paid! Enough said.  Olivia is not sleeping with her manager. They are great friends and yes, she has signed a record deal… Olivia finally takes a stance and blames Chrissy for the beef with Yandy-woot! Okay, Emily, friendship aside… whatcha think, for real?

Mama Jones doesn’t like Olivia? Just who does this perplexed person like, other than Jimmy?! It seems Jim & Yandy’s relationship is null and void. According to Jim, he doesn’t need a manager that puts his business in the street. But, isn’t that what Reality TV about?

Can’t wait to dish on: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta! 



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