Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada Threatens To Punch Former BFF

Okay, so I’m a little bit under the weather and thank y’all for asking and yea, homemade soup would be nice:) Anyho, I did tolerate chills, stuffy & runny nose to take an awkward couch position to watch the return of season 4 Basketball Wives… I don’t know about these over 40 something women., sans Royce, Suzie and the new additions to the season-I mean what’s really going on!?  The “b” word is thrown about sooo unnecessarily. The threat to punch someone out. Evelyn Lozada took it there with her former bff of more than 10 years? Come on now!

Y’all remember in season 3, Evelyn got upset with friend Jennifer Williams over a radio interview where Jenn called Chad Ochocinco a “media whore” among other things. Well, after Jennifer took a step back and apologized to Evelyn, the 2 women seemingly squashed it and kept it moving. Hmmm, apparently not. Now, it seems Jennifer’s blog is cause for ire. According to Evelyn, Jennifer went there again by disrespecting her relationship with womanizer, err, footballer, Chad Ochocinco. The shocking part? Evelyn threatens to punch her former bff’ in the “MotherF##k**g” face!  Jennifer screams she doesn’t post on her blog all the time, her publicist does. Tami Roman’s 2 cents ? “Fire the Publicist.”

Apparently celebrity gossip mogul, Wendy Willliams has sworn off watching Basketball Wives! According to Wendy, the women have reached an all time low of disrespect in their actions of constantly screaming, crusing & fighting and at their ages, she (Wendy Williams) is done. But, have no fear people, this celebrity blogger and g-mogul WILL continue to bring you the shameful shenanigans of these grown-assed women & now that a couple of new “younger” women have joined season 4? There’s going to be loads of competitive drama fodder for yours truly to dissect.

 Newcomers boarding the hell ship of the original Basketball Wives are Keshu Nichols and Kenya Bell. Next week’s episode will be on FIRE!  Trust. 



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