Celebrity Outtakes

So, I’m not too down with these Reality Shows of late. Too much cursing, backstabbing and just being dang right hypocritica!l. Take Basketball Wives in last night’s episode you have Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn, talkin’ smack about their gurl Jenn. Shaunie seemingly talks with a forked tongue ie from both sides of her mouth- Tami, y’all know ain’t much better…”Keepin’ it real” my butt. These women are sooo trifling, doncha ya know? Money or not. Never heard so many women, supposedly with class? refering to one another as bi#c#es. These women wear high priced designer clothes & such, but, class acts? Hmmm, more like Ghetto fabulous. just sayin’

Congrats to Royce who auditioned for and landed a part in a New York play.

TI & Tiny are raising a blended family, while taking care of business which is cool. Again, the women on the show scream & holler; curse sooo much without their sentences making a complete thought-geez! Love the fact that Tiny is helping her foul mouthed hairstylist friend, but, even friendships have their limits…the gurl is tryin to milk Tiny for all she can get. Does anyone else see this or am I the only g-mogul with guts to go ther:) Anyho, ole gurl’s attitude need a checkup from the neckup and Tiny needs to go there with chick.

On Khloe & Lamar, Lamar doesn’t want Khloe treating him like anything less than a grown assed man…hmmm,I think you’d better repeat that in a more articulate manner, Mr. Odom…

Madonna’s daughter Lordes will be one of her backup dancers on her tour…speech?

The Fashion Police thought Viola Davis wearing her natural hair, made the “sistahs” proud! Reallly?!? I was born proud, doncha know? just sayin’

The media thought Star Jones was ambushed by the ladies of The View when she appeared on the show after her contract wasn’t renewed 6 years ago- feel free to weigh in y’all.

Speaking of “y’all?” Wendy Williams, question gurl…. You been sneaking a peak at the T Blog of late? Just curious gurl:)



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