Oprah’s OWN Dominating TV Tactics…

Okay, I’m just a lil ole fish out here swimming around in a big sea of g-moguls, but, I’m an expert in recognizing people manipulation tactics -I’m entitled (age matters!) Anyho, I’ve been noticing how lady “O”and her roundtable team of experts have begun to build Oprah’s brand ie Oprah’s OWN!  First off, she lands an interview with Bobbi Kristina just weeks after her famous mom dies ( this tactic bites-my opinion)  anyho, on March 11th Oprah viewers get to see the sit down interview with Bobbi Kristina & her aunt and uncle. On March 4th, Bobbi Kristina turned 19 years old-

There could be many reasons for Oprah to jump on this interview ;  ASSUMPTIONS-

1. An opportunity for Bobbi to express her feeling about her mother’s death and to tell the media to take a hike

2. Oprah’s getting the scoop before anyone else, which serves to boost her ratings on OWN

3. Greed-

4. Prove to the world Oprah’s still the Queen

5. Greed- 

Anyhoo, Ms. Winfrey has also seemingly settled her big feud with the spiritual guru, Iyanla Vanzant and is giving her a show on The Oprah Network, Oprah’s Next Chapter. That’s cool, always was a fan of Iyanla’s. Many of her book align my bookshelf- that new one ‘Peace From Broken Pieces” would make a great gift addition 🙂 Let’s hope Oprah doesn’t do what she reportedly did when the O’Neals aired their dirty laundry on OWN-

According to reports from Ryan ‘O Neal, Lady “O” wasn’t anywhere around when he & dtr Tatum needed her- hmmm

OOOH y’all, who’s looking forward to watching Sherri Shephard DWTS?



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