Big Ang: Reality TV Breakout Mob Wives

Okay, y’all I won’t lie ( I could, but, I won’t) anyhoo, I really started watching Mob Wives on VH1 because I was hooked on (drum roll) the theme song! Yes, I loved the beat, lyrics and imagining me singing the lead:0 Seriously, hearing Rock Mafia’s The Big Big Bang just allowed for a moment of being a chick in leather pants belting oot “I don’t wanna dream ooh i just wanna live it…let’s not miss a thang, the big, big, big, bang-the reason i’m alive!” Had a moment- keep it moving.

Now, even though the theme song is what drew this g-mogul in? ( although the drama played a part) I have to admit, it’s the reality show’s newest breakout cast member,”Big Ang ”  who keeps me from signing off and some of y’all tuning in. 51 year old Angela Raiola keeps the women somewhat grounded as she becomes peacemaker to the gurls. Apparently ‘Big Ang’ has been around New York’s Staten Island a long time and know some of the girls since they were teens. This information alone lets viewers know how Big Ang once rolled AND maybe that’s why she doesn’t like of all the drama the women bring to the show- y’all think Big Ang was a Mafia queen at some point? just askin’

Anyhoo, Big Ang aka Angela Roiola recently appeared on a segment of The Wendy Williams Show where she gave a few insights into her life:

1. 51 years old 

2. Married to a sanitation worker (38 yrs old)

3. Has a son in his 20’s

4. Had liposuction and lip injection (who knew?!)

5. Had 3 breast enhancements- again, who knew!?!

All in all, I think Big Ang is a welcome addition to the show. She sort of balances out all the cursing, fighting and drinking:)




2 thoughts on “Big Ang: Reality TV Breakout Mob Wives

  1. i like mob wifes because it reminds me of the M.C. club trama and drama, the reality of the life styles are still the same, there still bad guys, still believe in brother hood, famila. u can leave the life but it never leaves u. u try to live normal but its boring and hard to change. just sayin no matter the age it lives inside u forever!!!

    • Hey Lisa-

      So, it’s sort of like “you can take the gurl outta the country, but can’t take the country outta the gurl?” only not as safe? Anyhoo, thanks for adding to the mix!

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