George Clooney’s Arrest in Sudan Protest

Everybody knows from keeping abreast of Actor George Clooney’s political beliefs and advocacy work in Sudan, he’d eventually get arrested! Far from the belief that “no news is good news”, in this instance, I’d say “It’s damned good!” Not that Mr. Clooney’s arrest is a good thing on his time & personal pursuits, but, for an oppressed countries people where women, children and men are being denied basics like food, drink, shelter ,and  life? This celebrity’s arrest along with important activists for human rights in the form of Dr. Martin Luther King’s son? Stupendous!

I applaud Mr. Clooney’s work. I applaud all American citizens who risk their lives and raise their voices in protest and to bring awareness to an entire destruction of people underneath a nasty, sadistic rule called-government . I encourage all of you to support all who advocates for life in every situation by tweeting, facebooking and linking in to others all over the world! Brad & Angelina, you’ve done great things in your work as activists in foreign countries and here at home- get to stepping out front in support of the Sudan crisis as well.

As long as folks do good deeds by helping others, this g-mogul will help spread the word-just sayin’

And George, I’m sure the promise you made long ago to a little Sudanese girl is what’s keeping you going back!


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