Breaking Chicago News-Oprah Fires Rosie!

Okay so maybe the writing was on the wall when Rosie sold her new Chicago digs that she purchased in September of 2011! Or, when it was announced that Lady “O” had made nice with Yoruba priestess and bestselling author, Iyanla Vanzant, who will have her own show from Oprah on OWN! Whatever the reason, Oprah has canceled The Rosie Show! According to Chicago news reports, Oprah thanked Rosie for all of her hard work and kept it moving-

No doubt, we’ll learn more as events unfold, but, I gotta saaay, “that was fast!” Rosie’s Show debuted in October 2011 and canceled 5 months later. Hmmm, I smell a rat doncha know?! Maybe Rosie didn’t like the weather, or maybe her kids missed their friends, or—oh, heck, let’s not speculate. We’ll hear it from Rosie soon enough. just sayin’

George Clooney being arrested at the Sudan Embassy in Washington was in his own words, ‘Humiliating” . Still there was some solace for George in knowing his dad was right there along for the ride, as was Dr. Martin Luther King 111.  The president was in Chicago today for a brief fundraiser at The Palmer House. He made a stinging reference to Republicans here campaigning for votes. President Obama welcomed them and stated maybe some Lincoln will rub off on the Republicans while they’re here.

Now get this: A Cook County sheriff was arrested along with his son for conspiracy to commit extortion. What were they extorting? Thought you’d never ask…untaxed cigarettes! And former Governor Rod Blagojevich has already made friends in the Colorado prison where he’ll be serving 14 years. He greeted inmates with high 5’s:)



2 thoughts on “Breaking Chicago News-Oprah Fires Rosie!

  1. Oprah is like a dictatar, Rosie was great whan she had a show like Ellen. But Nooooo Oprah had to be in control. I belive she doomed Rosie from the start. Rosie do another show and show her what a talk show really is.

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