Okay people, so I didn’t get to book an interview with Chicago Fashion Designer, Tennille White like I’d done the last 2 years for insights into her fashion extravaganza on BET’S RIP THE RUNWAY that premiered recently in New York. I did watch a bit of it on a Friday repeat and I have to say,  All of the fashions were great and Chicago Designer,Tennille White represented- not only for the Windy City, but, for all y’all full figured ladies out there!

I think this year, Tennille’s fashions were better than ever. The assorted pieces of yellows, greens and peach were simply elegant and flowed gracefully on the runway. The “shoe cam” stole a bit of the spotlight doncha know & the performers were jamming-  visit this Chicago fashion diva website @ and tell her the g-mogul sent ya! 

Caught The Braxton’s encore from Thrusday night and took some notes:

Toni fired her sisters as backup singers- remember she’d fired Vince, her manager and sister, Tamar’s husband on a recent episode.

Tamar & Vincent want to have a baby.

Trina divorcing Gabe!

The Braxton’s Reunion sit down next Thrusday….you might not want to miss that one…


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