What Stars Are Tweeting

Snooki tweeting about her fiance, her boobs and hersef! Anyho, it seems Snooki is happy being preg. Happy with the new spin -off. Happy being engaged…ooooh she’s so Happy! Kristen Stewart vying for 1st choice in the 50 Shades Of Gray Movie-hope she gets it cause her guy Robert Pattersen name supposed to have come up a few times . Hiary Duff had the baby ast week and is seen out and about aready- to be young, energized and nanny equipped.

The Hunger Games became 3rd biggest opening movie in history…hear there are ots of haters and I do mean “haters” out there tweeting about two of the characters being African-American- wow, even in 2012… Trayvon Martin we hear your screams!

On a brighter note: Spring has sprung in star fashions.  Rob Kardashian designer socks can be picked up at a store near you! Check out Jessica Simpson and Nick Ritchie’s take on fashion design as judges for their new show Fashion Star. Word to the wise up and comers in fashion? Don’t annoy the judges! They have the goods to turn buyers against you- and you know this:)

On an even brighter note?  Stars are becoming Tweet fans. Now, if the g-mog can get a few interesting interviews? just sayin’



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