Reality TV Marathon

 I cannot believe I’ve been away from y’all for this long! Did y’all miss me? People are so fickle. Anyhoo, allow me a moment to offer up some apologies right now and tell you what’s been happening in my part of the world before we get to the latest”Ts’…Last week was a killer. Working my butt to the bone up until Friday:(  Needed some “me” time Saturday, avoided computer like an std, but, Sunday, on the day our lord rose again? Ok, Easter 🙂 I find I gotta go purchase another dang keyboard cause the Ls kept sticking on the one I’d just purchased last year! Hmmm, maybe I am too hard on the dang thang, so I did a bit of upgrade, opting for the wireless classic desktop and mouse…let’s hope it lasts more than a year:)

Reality TV Marathons caught my attention this weekend as well. I couldn’t type, so took notes in longhand for y’all.  On Joan & Melissa; Joan Knows Best, Joan Rivers turned 78 recently and was having an ‘age defining’ moment, err, meltdown. She b*itched about her agent getting her the “help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” ad, instead of something young and hip, like Kim Kardashian sporting big name shoe hogs. She also was devastated when Jimmie Fallon bumped her tv spot on his show for a “younger” celebrity appearance. I don’t know bout you people, but, with age comes wisdom and dang near the freedom to say what cha want…anyhoo, Joan keeps me in stitches. Her timing is spot on when she’s doing her comedic spill. Younger ? Keep it moving, gurl…

I was sooo befuddled and amused by Big Rich Texas. This  reality show is loud, boisterous and down right addicting. It’s ALL about STATUS in Texas, y’all and if you move out there, you better have your ducks aligned, cause if you say something suspicious, the head of these cackling hens, err, Pamela, will definitely sniff it out and tell the other gurls “I told you so!”. Anyhoo, there are quite a few wannabes and social climbers in this Dallas town and the best place to get a leg up appears to be by joining their prestigious country club…make sure your money can land you a spot and do be prepared to kiss a lot of butt. Aside- The newest member might need anger management classes; just sayin’

For the record, I’m a mother. My adult daughter and I have had to overcome a few rough patches in our relationship, but, we survived to talk, laugh and agree to disagree on a daily basis. The one foundation our relationship is built on, is love! Once a daughter knows just how unconditional that love from her mom is? That mom could say ” take your tail outta my line of fire” and the daughter will get it. Evelyn Braxton told daughter Tamar ” I’ll slap the p*ss outta you!”  That’s a mother’s love baby 🙂  Communication is key. 

I watched Beverly’s Full House, starring Beverly Johnson, 1st black supermodel to grace the Vogue magazine cover/business mogul and newest Reality TV Show star, airing on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN on Saturdays ( check local listing) and, well, “Houston we have a problem.” Okay, y’all, not in a bad way, dang! If you want to see real mother and daughter conflict borne from stuff happened before, or misunderstanding and hurt feelings that’s not completely resolved and you can relate, it’s all good. We might pi up a few pointers, eh?

If you want to tune in to judge celebrity-that’s not good. A g-mogul I am and I’ve done some gossiping in my day. But, negative gossip can destroy relationships. I won’t print that sort of stuff here-read my intro-There are some fun,free moments in Beverly ‘s Full House too, take the house manager, Robert messing with Byron for the hell of it… Bryon, the boyfriend adding en extra shot to David’s drink to see him act a fool… I’m going to add this show to my already list of Reality TV to watch.

Hey, anybody catch Neicy Nash’s new reality show?



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