Taraji P. Henson Tells “Naked Truths” On Monday’s Wendy Williams

Okay, here we go! I’ve been a bit muted, not really into my g-mogul groove of late, but don’t go gettin’ it twisted; not due to disinterest, never that:) just working hard for the “show me da money!” sort of thang and getting no where fast…anyhoo, decided to just laze today and stuff like that. In getting my “me” time on, I checked out  The View before gettting down & Wendy dirty with my gurl (okay, in my head) Wendy Williams. So here’s some dirt, err,  Ts for y’all:

Is it just me, or did DWTS help Sherri Sheperd lose a couple of poundage? Well, the gossip at the roundtable was the usual political viewpoints, along with guest and former View co-host, Meredith Vieira  on her leaving the Today Show, how they didn’t ask her back and  the latest from her Production Company “The Woman Who Wasn’t There Project” about this woman lying about being in the World Trade Center on 911-liar.

Wendy Williams was by far, better Monday viewing because of award winning actress, Taraji P. Henson being front and center on Wendy’s Hot Topics couch. Taraji has been around a minute- just sayin’ y’all remember her in BabyBoy! Anyhoo, Wendy got down & dirty with Taraji and Ms. thang of the hit drama A Person of Interest had no shame in her game:

On kissing Michael Ealy in her new movie Think Like A Man, based upon Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Woman, Think Like A Man- “It was alright”  (joke people) on the real? “He’s a great kisser”- umm, like we didn’t already know that. just sayin’….The actress continues to elaborate on scenes by saying “you know you’re acting and I have no inhibition when it comes to acting. At the end of the day, it’s business, but I’m not afraid to explore chemistry.” Be forewarned fellas, don’t mess around when it comes to Taraji making her money, woot!

On Sex: Fan of the 90 Day Rule: “Lust fades” and relationships should start from a foundation of friendship” At this point, Wendy agreed, but confessed she and husband had sex on their first date to which 41 year old Taraji hastily replies “I don’t judge!”

On 18 year old son, Marcel:  “I’m very hands on with my son. She reports he’s getting ready for college, this being his last year in High School and they’re possibly looking  to New York where she films A Person of Interest: – I’m a fan of the weekly series & glad to see Taraji getting meatier scenes. Now for some romance, please. just sayin’…

On posing nudist like on cover of Allure Magazine: “We were born into the world naked. I’m comfortable being naked. I think we should just not wear clothes.” Agreed, now how about passing those designer duds along to yours truly? Are you serious? I could have my own celebrity pieces garage sale right here in Shy Town- just had an “aha” moment:)

Okay, y’all, keep it here for lots more to dish on, including those Housewives From Atlanta and Shahs of Sunsets! Bye the way, want to give a shoutout to my new celebrity followers:

@Beverly Johnson1


@TheOneTripleA- tell ya peeps, it’s all positive at the “T” BLOG!

P.S. Weigh in on question of Sherri’s perceived weight loss in the comment section or via twitter handle @c50something



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