More “Beefing” Drama On The BasketBall Wives

So how many of y’all saw BasketBall Wives last night? Raise your hands or simply leave a comment if you think the women in this reality show has gotten a bit out of pocket! I mean, come on. If these people aren’t going behind one another’s back and gossiping about them, nit picking, or snipping and giggling about what went down the night before- they’re throwing champagne bottle and jumping over dinner tables for a smackdown!

Last night was simply too much., even for a gossip guru like myself:) Don’t get it twisted, I like a good boxing match ever now and again on these shows, it makes for great entertainment fodder; But, the constant snitching, bickering and bullish women behaviors these women exhibit is downright-disgusting-just putting it out there- anger issues! Really? Haven’t we all been there at some point in our lives? Don’t get it twisted- I do have compassion and heart Tami & her moms for seeking counseling for stuff gone down in their lives. More of us could  possibly use a third opinion… the other stuff? Get over it already & keep it moving ladies.

Royce seems to be the one true to herself person on the show at this moment in time, but, moving sorta fast in the relationship department, doncha know? I mean, Royce, take heed from your dad.Listen and learn kiddo-he has wisdoms and insights you still have to master- I know right? Here I go, just can’t help dishing the advice:) Enjoy new love, Royce and love that you got a good thang with a seemingly good and thoughtful young man, but, slow your roll, gurl- just sayin’

Moving  on with a question for y’all. Is Jen truly clueless to how women get down & dirty in catfights? She just invited this chick to slap the f*ck of of her. Needless, to say, Jen got slapped the f**k out! Okay, so, that was Friday and Chris Tucker-haha, but, love the way that came together. Not loving that Jennifer is getting the beatdown physically and verbally from the BasketBall Wives…could they be jealous of her new  friends/Hollywood connections? You tell me!

Right now, as a Chicago leading g-mogul, I ‘m a bit on the fence about watching/reporting on The Basketball Wives- I might take a page from my g-mogul friend in my head,Wendy William and just chill…

One more thought: Jennifer should have given some thought to advice from her pal Al Reynolds (Star Jones ex)  when he told her  “a healthy scrap never hurt nobody!” 



2 thoughts on “More “Beefing” Drama On The BasketBall Wives

  1. You are so right writer…These are some grown women..but the gossip, thinking you are all of that, and so on is getting to be a drag.. Come on now. But on the REAL street, cant NONE of them throw down. They would get that ass tapped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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