Chicago’s Children Memorial Hospital Gets A New Name

Back when this g-mogul was in nursing school & green to the city of Chicago, my class did a rotation in Pediatrics at Children Memorial Hospital. I was impressed by the overall massive space and colorful environment even then. Mostly, in the act of trying to learn skills as a nurse, I often became overwhelmed with grief and sorrow at the sight of such young children and babies who were sick and fighting for their lives. As a young mother, it was doubly heartbreaking to deal with- okay that’s the reality of THE importance of  health care, and hospitals needed in order to save lives.

 On Friday, Children Memorial Hospital officially became Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. The philanthropists (rich people) donated $100 million dollars to the hospital which is reported to be one of the top pediatric hospitals in the country!  Several celebrities were in town for the grand occasion. Sarah Jessica Parker as guest host at the gala , Harry Connick Jr performed. Bonnie Hunt, Bears coach Love Smith and Mayor Rham Emanuel in attendance.

The sheer beauty of the interior from shots taken by news reports were incredible & massive, but, a wonderfully calm haven for children under the auspice of  recovery. ..

And for all y’all Kardashian fans, Kim and Khloe were in town as well to promote their clothing line-umhum. People had lined up for days at  Sears in Woodfield Mall to get a chance at meeting the sisters. The only catch for all of those folks wantin’ to get a hello in or photo opt? They had to present a receipt showing their recent purchase of items from the Kardashian line- just sayin’

Aside: Da Brat is out of jail and ya know she’s making a comeback. Recently, she thug-like rapper was helped to get reacquainted with her feminine side when she was; Styled By June!

Weign in: What y’all think about Bobby coming back to SuperNatural as a ghost?



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