NeNe Leakes To Sheree Whitfield- “I’m Your Gurl!”

So now, here’s the thing: NeNe Leakes has been getting roles on some high end shows since her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice. Glee cast her as a swim coach of all things and so her “acting career” has her “acting” like a diva- but, that’s really not a stretch for NeNe, casue she wore that persona during the first season of Housewives of Atlanta:) Anyhoo, the women seemingly have had enough of NeNe playing diva-licious behavior and are rebelling against her- could be a bit of jelly up in the mix too, if we’re speculating here.

On last night’s episode of The Real Housewives final reunion,, to put it mildly? All of the women were acting like crazy “b*tches!” and ya’ll know this g-mogul don’t ususlly curse in (print) and use that term when it refers to women (never) however, the screaming & telling secrets, placing blame and cackling about whose got money, sugar daddies, taking care of guys and so forth? Exhausting!

I was taking notes and taking inventory on how much the women had grown in a business sense. Kandi leads the pack with her line of sex toys-y’all know sex sells, but NeNe Leakes is making a name for herself in the world of celebrity-how she handles her new found fame and yes, NeNe “fortune” remains to be seen. In the world of celebrity, seasoned vets know how 15 minutes of fame gets old real fast in the fast lane of Hollywood- hmmm

Sheree’ seriously doesn’t sem to have a lot going in the business arena, although she’s still talking about her fashion & fitness line. There might be some truth to the tales that Sheree’ isn’t as monied up as she claims…Maybe Sheree should just take NeNe’s offer to help her out.

 Ok, so, it wasn’t genuine, but, NeNe has taken credit for getting Sheree’ and Kim on The Housewives of Atlantic, even though, according to NeNe, producers weren’t all that taken with Sheree’ in the beginning-referencing “boring” in their uncertainty. As of this post, Sheree Whitfield won’t be returning to The Housewives of Atlanta. Sources tell us she quit the show!

Kim is pregnant again and have an upcoming reality episode of her wedding to hubby, Troy- 26year old football player. Kim truly believes she can sang:) has a new record on the horizon-Kandi you stop that, gurl!

Marlo?  In the words of Wendy Williamns “”Nobody likes you.” “Go someplace.”

Phaedra & Cynthia ? Speechless:)

Good news for Giuliana & Bill Rancic: They’re becoming parents!

 The Movie, Think Like A Man, was number one at the box office this weekend, beating out Hunger Games…

What movie caught your fancy over the weekend?  How y’all feel about Sheree quitting The Housewives?



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