Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian Ending Reality TV Show?

The news coming through the 411 grapevine is that the Odoms (Khloe & Lamar) have decided to pull the plug on their Reality TV Series. Apparently, due to Lamar’s poor performance in his trade to Dallas Mavericks, he just want to concentrate on regaining his basketballer legs- Good for you. Lamar! Anyhoo, it’s not like Khloe won’t be continuing to rake in the monies while hubby is away rebuilding his name- The Kardashians have aced a $40 million deal re-signing their Kardashian Reality Tv contracts…

And, if last night’s show was any indication, Khloe & Lamar is probably excited to get the hell out of Dallas! Not that’s there’s anything wrong with Dallas, mind you 🙂 but, it seemed the couple were so unhappy living there away from supportive friends and family.

On the issue of family? I’m a bit taken aback by how Kris Jenner is calling herself Lamar Odom’s “Manager!” Didn’t Mr. Odom have his own manager before getting married to Khloe & hooking up with the Kardashian Reality Tv Brand? If he allows Kris Jener to climb up the social ladder on his hard earned dime? I’m done:(   I mean did ya see how she used Lamar’s connections to the team to get VIP treatment from Mark Cuban, the Maverick’s owner? Just how tacky & money/status hungry can one publicity seeking rich woman become?

On friendship? Lamar, why in the world haven’t you peeped your man, Jamie? Don’t you know trolls come in friendship packages as well? It seems Khloe could see what her hubby couldn’t, Jamie is a leech and uses Lamar for a safety net and so is daddy Joe! Lamar Odom doesn’t seem like a dense man to me- so far. Allowing people to use and abuse his kindness? That’s weakness BRO!

Wow, why don’t this g-mogul say how she really feels!? Anyhoo, y’all know that’s what y’all think as well-ask Wendy Williams, why don’t ya? I’m tired now, gotta rest my mind-



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