My G-Mogul List of Shows to Watch!

Okay, it’s Monday, another day in the life of a g-mogul! I wanted to do something a bit different today by bringing you a few new shows on the horizon that I think you should watch, along with some much talked about oldies! First off, I’m still following all the Reality stuff, except for Baseball Wives and Neicy Nash’s -Neicy Knows Best? Anyhoo, I’ll probably give it a second glance, but, for now, just cannot get over the fact some little people know and are too aware they’re being filmed- authenticity seems to elude the show…

I’ve already spilled on Beverly Johnson’s Full House- there’s loads of personality clashes, old wounds and miscommunication going on here- and yet, it’s a show that speaks to everyone, not solely mothers and daughters, but, relationships between family and friends as well… then there’s Robert!  Gotta love being in the mix of one Black Supermodel Diva, a newlywed daughter, who is a plus size model and the men in their lives- then there’s Beverly’s mom-love her! Watch…

Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network brings forth a fav: Welcome To Sweetie Pies, Robbie Montgomery is a former backup singer of Ike & Tina Turner Revue of the 1960s and is the owner of two thriving soul food restaurants somewhere in St. Louis.  She hired her son, Tim, his fiancee, a nephew and grandson to help run the family business – all hell breaks loose on this show, people! due, in part, to Tim’s temper, young folks lackluster interest,and unexpected financial concerns for Robbie about completion of work on a third restaurant. One thing for sure, at Sweetie Pies, you will get more bang for your buck!

Of course, I recommend y’all keep watching Basketball Wives. Mob Wives. Big Rich Texas ( total tackiness of Texas elite)  Joan & Melissa. Ringer (how they gonna hide the pregnancy, for real y’all?)  Housewives Of Atlanta. – That Kim spinoff, Tardy for The Wedding thing?  ( yawning about now) and then, there’s  the newest kid on the Reality Show block- Dina Eastwood (41 year old wife of 80 something actor, Clint Eastwood  “GET’EM UP RAWHIDE!”) in Mrs. Eastwood and Company. We didn’t get to see Clint in the show’s preview- probably napping:) but, there are some interesting characters and ugh! foul animals (vermin) on this show – I hate rats. just sayin’. If you can stomach the animals, recommend you give it a look see. 

 Absolutely love:

 Person of Interest-  still holding out for more of a connection between the main characters:) 

Vampire Diaries- Elena will choose Stefan, but, then, he should move on to Bonnie!

Supernatural- so glad Bobby’s back , but Cass, you gotta demand your Angel wings!

Grimm- never miss a beat for the beast to appear:)

 Scandal- Kerry Washington will put this show on the map- scandalous doings of men and women going for the gusto/jugular- women dominating men at their own game-lovely !



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