Vampire Diaries Finale- What Happened To Tyler?

Vampire Diaries was whacked out last night doncha know!?! I mean with Elena last seen passed out on the floor bleeding from the mouth and then finds herself in the hospital, dreaming of her cheerleading days when her parents were alive…Klaus appears to have been staked in his coffin, only Bonnie-the good witch does some sort of spell, hence, Klaus is alive and thriving in the body of Tyler?

Okay, Bonnie, what you do with Tyler Stop playin’, gurl.  Actually, Tyler’s character need a little get up and more umph to the storyline- just so much one can do with a half beast who loves a vampire girl; just sayin’. So, Elena finally made a choice between the two brothers. It was Stefan-who knew? Anyhoo, lovers offset who pretend to fall in love onset, doesn’t really do it for most viewers, although Twilight was an exception!  

Back to vamps dying, after the staking of Klaus. Hmmm, whose dead again? I think the finale of Vampire Diaries was a bit wierd- I believe Elena being given Vampire blood in the hospital makes her a she-vamp! What do you guys think? Will Elena become the she mistress of Stefan & Damon and in typical vampire style bed them both?

Bonnie, you’re such a crazed witch! You need Damon to show you a thing or two about loyalty…


Okay, so this wasn’t really about Tyler…


2 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries Finale- What Happened To Tyler?

  1. I was a little bit worried in the beginning. I thought that maybe they’d make it out like the whole show was just some crazy dream. I hate it when that happens! Luckily, there was plenty to keep me entertained.

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