Bullying Tami Strikes Again On Basketball Wives!

Okay now since the influx of Reality TV, we have seen some bullies on the horizon. The Celebrity Apprentice introduced us to Amarosa, for goodness sake! And every gurl on Bad Gurls either bullied or got bullied. Who can forget Chrissy on Love & Hip Hop? That chick got mean and dirty with her friends when they blinked the wrong way. Just sayin’

Last night’s episode of Basketball Wives just took the cake!!!!! We know how mean spirited  & foul-mouthed Evelyn and Tami can be. We know what a disgrace they are to the more image conscious woman out there (Wendy “how you doin” Williams) in a word. But, we still watch this train wreck!

We’ve heard it through the grapevine that some advertisments are pulling out from Basketball Wives because of the “embarrassing” direction the show is headed. Some even speculate that Shaunie is trying to distance herself from the show as well… Last night was a bust because of the obvious harrassment and bullying going on

I didn’t see a halo on Tami Roman’s head, did y’all? I mean who died and made her your guardian angel, or your highness or even GOD almighty!?!!! – That was some whacked out stuff and that chick was doing some unforgivable adult bullying! Kesha Nichols did the right thing by asking for help- surely, the other women didn’t use their influence to help her out!

Tami Roman blames her erratic behavior on needing “anger management.” How’s that working for ya, Tami? Jamie Foxx hit it dead on when he sang, blame it on the “Alcohol.” Shaunie alluded to this being the culprit as well. I’m a g-mogul from way back and I call it like I see it. Y’all don’t have to agree with me either, this is America, people- we can agree to disagree without employing those bullying tactics- cause “we’re adults!” Tami better be glad her tail wasn’t arrested, she’d get sobered up quick and in a hurry, doncha ya know:)

Anyhoo, a few parting words?  Susie, keep your damn trap shut, gurl!

holla’ if you ain’t scared!


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