Love Addiction Reality TV

Okay, so I don’t really know what to expect from this new sries on TV One called “Love Addiction” check your local listings, but, so far and from the few episodes I’ve seen- it’s shining a spotlight on a sort of statistical ratio that favors men in how they just tend to get over on a “sistah!” And, it seems to show women in a “needy” light. Let’s talk!

One couple: young black guy has been dating an older- much older white woman & a former Vegas Showgirl who is a year older than the man’s mother becomes an issue for the mother! The woman who is getting divorced from her husband, has issues and so does the young man equaling a volatile relationship. Did I mention  the husband still pays the woman’s mortgage?…the woman houses her unemployed, but, great boy toy in this cozy lovers nest. Moms isn’t happy about this arrangement and along with a best friend of the young love stricken son, calls in a “Love Doctor”, an actual psychologist dealing in relationships.

Ater the intervention: The former Vegas girl cuts ties to her young lover, citing age differences and hightails it back home to live with her estranged husband whose got a J.O.B…

Another couple: A young woman who is suffering from the traumatic and oftentimes disfiguring skin condition caused by Lupus, is raising her sister’s five kids, while trying to maintain a committed relationship with an aspiring and broke actor. The woman seemingly loves this “user” to the point where she’s willing to pay his bills, cook, clean, wash his dirty clothers and support his deadbeat tail with her disability checks! Why is this g-mogul calling dude out?

Because he basically admitted during an intervention with the doctor that women were meant to serve him and should be appreciative of him! He came off as a male chauvinistic pig:) his friends saw him for this truth…while dude partied, and slept with other women, the woman taking care of his every need is left at home with no one to turn to for loving support of her & her illness.

Needless to say, the leech realized from the intervention just how much of a cad and user he was and ended the relationship. Love Addiction depicts the lives of women making bad choices.One very capable woman admits her fear of abandonment stemming from a father who stopped coming around when she was only 9 years old. She eventually ended a 7 month courtship with a man who wasn’t there for her emotionally, even during the time of her father’s passing- 

Love Addiction is definitely a wake up call for all of those needy women who doesn’t have their best interest at heart. Women have got to love themselves, know their self worth and not hook up with a guy, just because! Like Ms. Maya Angelou says, (and Oprah loves to reiteriate) “You know better-You do better.”



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