Charles In Charge At “Sweetie Pie’s”

Okay, so I find myself laughing one of those hearty, gut wrenching, eyes misting tears sort of deal while taking notes for today’s post. I watched episodes of “Sweetie Pies” on Oprah ‘s OWN after the festivities and honors sent to all the fallen on Memorial Day. Watching Sweetie Pies always makes me hungry, even after a full day of eats!  Y’all know I’m a displaced Southern girl.  I assure  you “I had no choice in the matter”….But, family & food were two of maybe 5 good things that came out from the soils of my upbringing….Those platters of greens, fried chicken, sweet potatoes and apple pies served up at Ms. Robbie’s restaurant? All good! Moderation is key, people.

Anyhoo, and people think they know a g-mogul because, there’s always “anyhoo”…  Aside from the food and arguing between mama & son, son & fiancee’ and problems cropping up while trying to open another restaurant, I’ve witnessed what I’d call a breakout star in the makings. Can you guess? If you guessed young Charles-Ms. Robbie’s nephew? then you win and deserve to keep reading my views on Charles:)

Charles is a kid from back in the day- innocent, but, then not so much, ha! He is hilarious people… take the time he wanted to become a bartender, so he goes to a friend whose a mixologist…is that a word? Okay, y’all, dude mixes drinks and shows Charles a few tricks. Charles gets drunk from all the ‘tasting’ going on. Tearfully funny! Lucky for him, he takes a cab home… Charles doesn’t impress Ms. Robbie when he practices his newfound skills on her.

In last night’s episode, Charles wants to work at the new restaurant as anything other than, a bus boy, floor sweeper, or dishwasher. Maybe he’ll be the manager and open up around 4:30 when there’s no one to manage-ha! Ultimately he admits he doesn’t know what he wants to do and heads to the zoo, because he’s always loved animals… He’s afraid to blow into the nose of the Llama. He’s wondering who needs a degree to pick up some poop? The scene at the zoo with a clueless Charles was hysterical and great food for fodder in this post. I could write a daily column on Charles and actually enjoy doing it:)

Okay, people, loads of stuff to do before keeping it moving to my next site. What, didn’t know I’m a regular Renaissance woman? Y’all can visit if you’re brave enough) and …don’t forget to:



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