At The Table With Basketball Wives!

So, there was a little tete-a-tete around the dinner table last night about the Basketball Wives at my place! Of course, I knew I would eventually have to address the reunion special on last Monday night- fake! Anyhoo, before we get to that too well behaved episode- in my opinion y’all! I’ll spill on the conversation at my g-mogul table. Seems folks cast their vote on Jennifer & Evelyn’s friendship gone awry, now that Jennifer is reportedly leaving the show and Evelyn has decided to be the better person and admit her faults in the resolution of the once bff relationship. Evelyn supposedly admits in a magazine interview how she miss the friendship she and Jen once shared. Ahem. Okay, y’all that IS all I’m going to say about that…

Anyhoo, it was agreed that Royce, although favored for keeping it 100, most all the time, compared to the other women:) She does have her issues, like not listening to her daddy! and jumping into relationships too darn fast- falling in love even faster than dude and then getting her feelings hurt when ole boy admits to feeling like she’s smothering him! Take a chill pill, gurl…you’re enough…

Tami? Okay, here’s the thing about Tami’s behavior- she accuses Jennifer of not owning up to her part in situations…duh? Tami knows how to play the game- always accusing other folks for peeing in the pot, but always finds a way to explain away her urinating in the same pee pot! Example? Okay y’all asked for it.  “She’s not getting her damn purse back till she apologies.” (On bullying Kesha) and after Kesha reports her purse stolen in a foreign country, no less? Tami, “She better be glad I picked her purse up for her.”  Tami…  Tami… so glad she’s getting better at working out her anger management problem? Manipulating the situation problem? just sayin’

The votes are out when it comes to Shaunie’s participitating in the drama and then attempting to back away from it. Susie’s innate need for acceptance from the ‘bad’ gurls by continuing to tattle on the other gurls. Kenya’s demeaner for being solid in the face of smelly pranks, intimidations and obvious dislike vibes from the others. It was agreed at my nightly roundtable (ok dinner table) how Jennifer is doing the smart thing by walking away from the bullcrap and just doing “her”… Jennifer, we applaud you, gurl!

Now, to the opinion of yours truly about Monday night’s episode of Basketball Wives Reunion. In a word? FAKE! Everyone was just too nice for their own good and very unbelievable. Witches don’t discard their brooms as quickly as that:) In the words of Joan Rivers, “Oh Please!”

 Basket Ball Wives Reunion Special–Part Two airs Monday night on VH1. Check your local listings .



5 thoughts on “At The Table With Basketball Wives!

  1. Clara: Great personality profiles! I have to admit that the women have a certain air about them which they have successfully used to reach their goals. To me, the B wives project a lush, understated sensuality and it’s rare to see Black women protrayed like this on TV.

    • Pat, I certainly will give them that dynamic ” I ain’t hatin” however, I think if they couple their subtle sensual side with a bit of style and class? and the roundtable did address positives in regards to how the women wear fashion & jewelry… quite well:)

      Alaways a pleasure!

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