Basketball Wives Reunion-Part 2

So I know folks are waiting to read my take on Basketball Wives Reunion-part2, cause that’s what I do, I’m a g-mogul:) Frankly, I’m sick & tired of writing and dissing, err, dishing on these women, so glad to be getting a break! Anyhoo, was a bit touched by Evelyn’s crocodile tears and apologing to Jennifer-how long the two stay reconciled is another subject altogether. And Evelyn, for a friend, you did tell too much:(

Tami denied bullying on Kesha. Did we expect anything else coming outta Tami’s mouth? Now, Susie must have forgotten the segment which aired, showing the world, how in Tahiti Tami thanked HER for tattling on Kesha! Tami goes and backs up this obvious obtuse blunder:( Gwaad, Shaunie & Evelyn then alledges how poor Susie keeps getting a bad rap- say what!?! 

Okay, now something’s bothering me people and I need clarification from y’all? The Diva Talk Show host ( & friend in my head) alluded to her audiences today that my fav on Basketball Wives, Royce had slept with Shaunie’s man????? Y’all better hip an old-schooler up on ( yours truly) how this nonsense is rumor-absolute! I won’t be allowing folks to diss my gurl:) 

Also I’m hearing how Shaunie as one of the executive producers have decided not to bring three of the women back for their 5th season. It’s already been reported that Jennifer wouldn’t be returning- that could change in light of this episode’s brief makeup session. Am I the only one, or, did Jen seem hesitant to accept Evelyn’s quick change from nasty to nice?

A couple more insights & I’m done here:

Chad Ocho was fired from the Patriots, but, quickly inked a one year deal with the Miami Dolphins.Meanwhile, Evelyn takes to Twitter in support of her manchild saying in essence: “Ohh baby, you got cut. I got yo back-I’m the breadwinner now.” Wendy Williams asks; What man at such a crucial time, wants to hear crap like that!?!  But, then, when it comes to Chad…just sayin’

So looking forward to dishing on this new crop of Reality Tv:

Mob Wives Chicago- hmmm, maybe not so much. Have you seen those women?

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta- hey, NeNe came from Atlanta. It’s all good.

The Hollywood Exes- Looking forward to hearing these bruised & scorned women tell their truths- Prince, Babyface & Eddie Murphy & all y’all dudes, prepare yourselves for a beatdown.

Can’t we all just get along?



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