Remembering Rodney King…

These are my thoughts today regarding Rodney King. Although he wasn’t a Celebrity in the usual, his was the face of something bigger in this country: a symbol whose ordeal levered the spotlight on “Police Brutality!”. Carrying a weapon makes people feel powerful. When one is authorized and given permission to do so? That’s HUGE!

On the real, though, what kind of world would we have without protection of its people? Still, we have come to realize that everyone whose mission and who have taken a stance to serve and protect, doesn’t always do so- sometimes and quite often, these very people brutalize and torture the very PEOPLE they’re supposed to keep safe.

Rodney King’s beating by Los Angeles Police Officers,was just one instance, caught on tape, of how so many on the police force operate-Sad. I saw this man (like many of you) get pulled from his truck- stumped & beaten by police and still he just wanted to know “Why can’t we all get along?” 

Rodney King had his demons, as do we all. Perhaps, if he hadn’t been so brutally beaten by people who suppose to service and protect us…he might not have resorted to abusing himself- Perhaps.

I write this post in remembrance of Rodney King. A celebrity for human rights! Peace, brother Rodney…




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