The Hollywood Exes Visit Good Morning America

Woke up to Good Morning America with the latest women to sign on the dotted line for Reality TV, making an appearance to talk the talk.  Hollywood Exes will be debuting on VH1 Channel, Wednesdays at  9:pm. Check your local listing, people, cause we’re about to see just how it sure ‘nough’ was when these women were married to some of the most star studded famous faces in “Celebrity.’Maybe, viewers will get answers to burning questions such as:

Just how  funny was Eddie Murphy away from the cameras?  Where did he get the lyrics to “Party All The Time”?

Did  Jose Canseco really write a book detailing all the women he slept with, while married to ex wife Jessica? And will the baseballer name names and talk about the infamous steriod use/ users/ alleged players from his team,while appearing in the show?

Who knew , besides ex wife Andrea, that R. Kelly had trouble reading and writing? More importantly, how did he pen all of those long winded songs?  We know Will Smith, along with Jada, have a good relationship with Will’s ex, because of Trey, Will’s first son…so, what can she bring to the Hollywood Exes table to keep us interested? Another ex partner, roommate, lover, and wife exploring her own business interests( Kimora Simmons) after a breakup isn’t trending-just sayin.

Always loved Prince, looking for juice on how he partied like it was 1999! Prince just killed it-always:) Okay, I tend to digress, but, y’all feel me. Now, these ladies had better bring it cause having to sit through another darn Reality Show, for a spark to ignite my g-mogul flame, is just about killling me.  Life’s A Tripp! Y’all see that? Bristol Palin leaves Alaska for sunny Cali-Cali and so what? Maybe, the show will get better like it did for her votes on DWTS! 

Now look ( Wendy ‘how you doin?’) was watching Million Dollar Listing on Bravo and have to tell y’all, I sort of like it. It’s all about the rich and fabulous selling their million dollar homes and stuff. I love living vicariously through these people and the homes aren’t half bad. Say,  liked that  Madison made an appearance at the showing- you got guts, err, ba*ls. Best of all, you left Josh #1 speechless:)

Okay, so finally got the apt to myself after hosting 6 guests for 6 days & nights. Where’d they all sleep? Couldn’t tell ya. First come, first serve at my place:)



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