A Blogger Gets Reality TV Show!

Holy Smokes, Batman! a BLOGGER is contemplating on accepting a Reality TV show deal? And n0000, it’s not Perez Hilton, although that would be THE assumption, considering he is the number 1 celebrity blogger on planet earth; reportedly.  Actually, it’s a female who lives in Wisconsin of all places. Penelope Trunk is famous online for her savvy Career advice and penning posts pertaining to any subject under the sun, including being married to a goat farmer and home schooling her two boys. If you think her posts are boring, consider upwards of a 1000 comments per daily posts- just sayin’

The business coach will tell you she has the number 1 best selling career advice book out there and the number 1 career blog. Is there any wonder Reality TV came calling?I’m not writing this post about the Brazen Careerist to heap anymore praise, just giving the thumbs up to the blogger for paving the way for the rest of us-I’ll watch for a while to glean more business savvy advice, not necessarily take an interest in her life down on the farm. Anyhow, she didn’t actually commit to tell us if the film crews two days of taping them in their natural habitat got a final sign on the dotted line…we’ll know soon enough.

Writing this breaking news from Penelope’s latest blog post somehow got me thinking maybe, just maybe, she’ll have her people call my people.:) It’s all about networking people!

Whatcha think? Should bloggers get their own Reality Show?  I’m known for breaking news doncha know? Until next time…



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