Anderson Cooper Embraces His Sexuality By Admitting “I’m Gay”

Anderson Cooper announces he’s gay, “always has been and always will be”‘ Okay, so, dude, who cares!?!? It seems Anderson had been accused by some folks out there of attempting to hide his sexuality because he was ‘ashamed.”  For this and more personal reasons Anderson took the opportunity to answer his critics by writing an online letter, allowing his ‘coming out’ to be published in The Daily Beast.

Ok, so back to my original question; Who cares? Actually, I do. You see about 5 years ago, after watching Anderson do a segment for his  Anderson Cooper 360 -I wanted to know more about this silver-haired fox and immediatedly got on the 411 handle to let my sistah friends in on this g-mogul discovery. They say curiousity killed the cat, but, in this instance-it only caused deep sadness and loss of what could have been a great heterosexual affair…the g-mogul went on to dig up the goods on Anderson and frankly, didn’t like it one little bit as information about Anderson’s history flooded the gates of imagined evenings and romantic bliss, only to end in a bang up reality! a reality that it wasn’t ever going to be me or any other  person of the feminine persuasion.

Never did the g-mogul stop hoping:)   I’m always a Anderson g-mogul fan.  Dang, Anderson Cooper, why’d you have to go and spoil it for me & I’m betting millions of other women who hoped you wasn’t gay, “always have been and always would be.” And if you’re happier than you’ve ever been in your life? Drat, I’m going to have to turn to Michael Ealy ( although a tad young under the collar) and a very old foxy standby, George Clooney ( if he could just date women his own age!) anyhoo, Anderson, this blog is always about the positives, so have a good life and you’ve undoubtedly made the singles in the gay community very proud and happy-just sayin



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