Kim Kimble Stylist to The Stars in “LA Hair”

I know y’all heard of Ms. Kim Kimble-celebrity hairstylist to African-American celebrites! Okay, I know she caters to all ethnicities, but, mostly black celebrities like Mary Jo Blige, Eve, Kelly Roland, Shari Heady and Ms. Kim Whitley, one of my fav from back in the day. Okay, Omarosa as well. See, Omarosa is another Kathy Griffin/D list  Reality Tv Star 🙂 but, can’t be hating because, Ms. Omarosa is making her money and yours truly is about to hit her up for a gig at her new West coast Magazine- y’all think I’ll get the gig? NOT!

It’s how this Chicago news and views g-mogul roll “and you know that, man!” Anyhoo, here we don’t put on airs or tend to be speaking politically correct all the time (boring) add just a bit of ebonics &, country twang  to the King’s English and it’s all good. Okay, now, look, ( Wendy-gurl get out of my head!) Kim Kimble’s show, LA Hair is not without its drama. There’s jealousy, competition and a bit of backstabbing going on people. Kim even fires her Charity… her lovable, but, ding-bat  Asian receptionist. Strike a blow for the Minority. It’s bad when one Minority have to fire another! I mean can’t we all get along?

Anyhoo, didn’t like that, but, the woman was not qualified and could have been the next breakout reality tv star- corky! Y’all know how intuitive I am? Remember my Big Ang prediction? um-hum and there’s still my dude Charles, from “Welcome to Sweetie Pies” but, I digress. Okay, so, Angela is another employee at Kim Kimbles’ salon. She was once Kim’s assistant, but, moved on to stylist. Angela wants to have her piece of the pie, like. pronto! She doesn’t want to experience growth. To make this story short, she is 25 and want to be an established Kim Kimble- thus; they clash to the point of suspension for Angela.

One thing I agree on with Angela: Her days off are her own! No employer has any say so on what you do on your off days. When I work for you, I work for you- when I don’t I don’t: My opinion, what y’all think about it? LA Hair is a cool look into the artful way folks do hair.  Compared to Chicagolicious (shhh) I give it a big ole thumbs up! Who am I? Who am I? A g-mogul to you guys! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Kim Kimble Stylist to The Stars in “LA Hair”

  1. Kim were you at all jealous of Angela, and why didn’t you take authority making consequences instead of your hater assistant China?


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