Reality Stylists LA Hair And Chicagolicious!

Okay, y’all, I have to write this and y’all might think I’m hating but I’m not. I’ve been observing these two shows of late and I have to tell you, each show has it’s share of Stylist Dramas!  Let’s talk on Kim Kimble’s LA  Hair. She is stylist to the celebrities and is a style DIVA! The woman knows her hair… I am writing this out of Chicago or therabouts 🙂 and I should be loyal and hating on Ms. Kimble, but, I can’t diss her hair expertise cause the gurl got skills!

Not to get it twisted, I do have a few choice words for this style maven and her rock star business rules, as stated in a prior posting. Ms. Kim, how can you demand loyalty outside of your establishment? Ok, hold up, being respectful of one’s job is a given, adults know this, but, to tell anyone how to act or what to do outside of working for you? I have to ask, did you have your Stylists sign a ‘Do not do clients outside of the Salon’ contract ? No doubt, they’re your employees while working for you, but, sistah gurl when they’re not- folks got lives to live, wheels and deals to make-because they’re entitled and this is America:)

Okay, y’all, I’m back (cleansing hand to face) and then, there’ s China! Lawd, what can I say that will make it all better for my readers? China is a hot mess! (think I’ve seen that face before- hmmm)  She’s ( my opinion) not that great of a stylist doncha know? I mean …old school meets new and when someone offers to help bring her up to speed a bit, she goes off. Kim Kimble says she’s her gurl and got her back? Oh, Kim,could you check yo gurl, pleeze?! And for those who want to know, yes, Angela is back and working quieter than usual. Think she’s intimidated by China? I would be. just sayin’… Okay, Kim’s mother sets her up on a blind date & Kim liked the dude:)

Chicagolicious is somewhere near the West Side of Chicago. The Salon’s owner is AJ Johnson, a bit of a  spotlight hound (my opinion) whose main priority seems to be himself. Well, ok, I’m trying to be nice, but, he’s somewhat of a “Social Climber'” because of his penchant for fame. In the first few episodes, AJ had to have the Salon mentioned in Candace Jordan’s blog-a celebrity blogger for Chicago’s elite. Anyhoo, this feat was accomplished .

Then, AJ lies & tells a Pastor how his Salon  has always been Green (environmentally speaking) and goes to great links to make that happen…hilarious!  Okay, some of y’all might argue how there’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay above the competition and keep your name out there. I can believe and agree. But, to what extent are you willing to go to be number one?

AJ admits to stretching the truth and somhow makes it work. Is it any wonder that his Stylists, for the most part, seem destined to follow in his footsteps? One thing I can say favorably about the show; It has loads of cat fights (verbally) and that’s going to keep the g-mogul watching. I don’t care to know who AJ is wearing, what he’s eating, who he’s smoozing with, but, I’ll keep reporting it cause I know my fans do.

Okay, now look ( Wendy!) I truly dislike having to dish on Bristol Palin’s “Life’s A TRIPP!”  but, I must. I’ve been trying to avoid it because she’s just not interesting, but, I’m compelled to go there. Why you ask? Because the show is a TRIPP. 🙂



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