Bristol Palin’s “Life’s A TRIPP”

The heat index in Illinois is sweltering and I’m smoldering right now! Folks with kids had better keep ’em hydrated and under some form of air… that’s all I got to say- whew! Anyhoo, I’m going to try and dish on Bristol Palin beofre I turn into a pretzel:( You know Bristol leaves Alaska ( yep, same place where mom Sarah could see Russia)  and moves to California to work for an un-named Charity. Because she needs help with son, Tripp (Life’s ATripp)  she manages to get her younger sister, Willow to come along.

TheY move into a friend of their moms when first arrive. The sisters go shopping, complaining of boredom, clothes being hooker clothes, how they don’t like California  and that there are “too many liberals”. Bristol confronts a heckler in a bar. Talks about Levi and bemoans the fact that she misses home. The sister does leave to go back to Alaska, but, is persuaded to return to LA to help Bristol with Tripp. The higlhight of their days consist of teaching young Tripp how to make faces and ball up his fists at photographers… reading Levis’ book and eventually shooting it to shreds, rounds out the fun.

Apparently leaving Alaska for California was a culture shock for the gurls and “super scary.” They will have learned a few valuable lessons upon returning home:

1. People don’t care about anything but themselves

2. The importance of family

3. California is NOT Alaska

4. Life is about experiences

5.Bristol can do it by hersefl

6. Learned LA is not for her

7. It was time to go home

8. Raising Tripp in Alaska is the right choice

9.Cause this chapter is done

10.”No one really cares.”

True that! just sayin’



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