Talkin’ Mob Wives Chicago…

Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but, I’m somewhere in Chi Town and what I’m about to write might get me taken to” a lonely road where the cotton grows and misery loves company” Okay, y’all caught me, it’s the g-mogul’s take on Mob Wives Chicago! Have you people caught this whacked out craziness between these four characters who profess to being friends? Well, Pia wasn’t ever friends with Renee, but, apparently they became busom enemies/buddies when the two of them jumped the one with the biggest mouth-Nora.

Nora is so pathetic. She has the biggest mouth of all, talks much cow manure and don’t forget-her dad was a hit man (supposedly):( Okay, Nora, if it makes you feel better…Anyhoo, Nora needs to man up! She is such a coward-she calls it being a lady:) All you ladies out there, raise your hand (yours truly) The point is, if you stand there and allow women to attack you/your face by punching your lights out and you don’t at least try to defend yourself? You’re a coward-Nora!

So Christina feels guilty that this fight between Nora, Renee and Pia went down at her party and she’s upset at the “beat down” Nora sustained. Christina meets with the women to get  clarity. The bottom line? Nora can not fight and Nora needs to keep her bleeping mouth shut! I felt a bit teary eyed for her though, but, also felt that was some mean spirited gossip she threw at Renee. Also if Pia has been  stripping, err,dancing for 15 years, why the heck is she sooo sensitive about it now?

I have to agree with Christina- Pia is afraid of Renee. I also have to agree with Leah- Nora keep your mouth shut, because you can’t fight.

Sending out serious condolences to Tamika and Usher and family after losing their young son-

Sylvester Stallone & Sasha upon losing their son…

A word of caution to Paris Jackson after reading some of her tweets: BE CAREFUL OF THE INFORMATION YOU’RE SENDING OUT THERE!

Question? Why is Kanye West spending so much money on Kim Kardashian? Is he unknowingly “buying” her love? 

According to Kris Jenner ” The heart wants what the heart wants and Kim knows what she wants” um humm,$$$$$$$$$$ 



2 thoughts on “Talkin’ Mob Wives Chicago…

  1. mob wives chicago is a joke…these women wish they were from new jersey or new york…the chicago voice accent drives me absolutely insane….pia is an absolute dog, who thinks she is something she isn’t; leah reminds me of a transexual; renee deserves a punch in the mouth, especially when she had taken christina’s phone to text Nora; christina is the only cool one on the show (except for the chicago accent); and nora is a complete idiot…they also need new wardrobes…lol..take a little adivce chicago mob wives; stop trying to replicate the new york mob wives or the housewives of new jersey; you can’t even come close, especially in appearance…

    New Jersey all the way….

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