More Kardashian Drama!

What a beautiful morning, ya’ll! Now, before I start with the 411, I’m gonna have to get serious for a minute. Seems some smuck was attempting to hack into my Facebook Account! Yep, scumbags are all around us…The good news is a. It wasn’t happening & I have changed my password-again and b. There’s absoluely nana of personal interest on fb! no family info, no telltale all secrets, no financial info (or lack therof) and no relationship dirt on the dirt that sometimes accompany relationships…anyho, just thouth I’d throw that out there for all ya’ll smucks and hackers looking for something-waste of time here buddy…

So, I’m a g-mogul and I have to say, I’m filled to the brim with good stuff coming your way. First off, we’ll just dish about The Kardashians-haven’t really dissed them for a while-ya’ll know I meant to say that:) Now, look, Wendy is a part of me when it comes to gossip, but, bear with me. Kim had to go and bust Lamar out about the stinky odor coming outta his mouth everytime she went to give him a hug. Kim tells Khloe how she feels like throwing up in her mouth after hugging Lamar & asks Khloe to say something to Lamar and get him to a dentist…

Khloe responds, saying how Lamar hates dentist and is afraid of them. Kim is the one to convince Lamar to get his mouth right- 8 cavities and teeth cleaning, plus, apparently some much needed oral care. Khloe goes to Lamar “I wish you could see how much whiter your teeth are, baby” Hmmm, I don’t know about you guys ,but I for one refuses to be all up in my man’s mouth  (husband or otherwise) when his teeth are foul and breath stinks on the regular and not say something about it! what pray tell, does that say about you? Anyhoo, glad Lamar got the care he needed and brother , in my opinion, needs to grow some “b*lls!”-just sayin’

Rob, at 26, is starting to stress about going bald. He tries all types of gadgets and vitamins to stimulate hair growth, to little advail. Finally, he goes to a hair loss center and he’s told that men in their mid to late 20’s will start to see hair loss. Only after Lamar tells him that he (Lamar) lost his hair at 19, does Rob stop with the whining-people doncha think there’s more important things Rob could be stressing about,like finding a for real gig?

Kris has been having fantasies about her ex lover- Todd Waterman. She goes to meet him in a hotel for drinks after being a bit salty from Bruce’s preoccupied attention to former supermodel Angie Everhart-only golf Kris! It seems Kris’s idea of Waterman wasn’t the reality she encountered. He apparently wanted her for a quickie in the room and she came to her middle aged senses-“the grass isn’t always greener.”

In order to get past all the stuff brewing in their marriage, Bruce & Kris are sent away to vacation in Malibu-where the two of them started. Ater looking into a photo album put together by the girls, the two come to an agreement and vow to work on their marriage. Recently, Bruce put aside the tv & golf clubs to co-host a segment of “E” with Giuliana Depandi for the London Olympic Games. Cool, Bruce, but… off the botox, why doncha? just sayin’



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