Miss Advised… On Bravo

So, I’ve been watching these women who are famously known for their expertise in relationships, having made appearances on high profile shows and on the pages of New York and Oprah Magazines- etc . The point is, the relationship experts who have their own Reality Show- Miss Advised, airing Monday nights on Bravo are a bit quirky and seemingly clueless on the topic of relationships!

Now, I’m not hatin, exactly, due to the simple fact that they are “experts” in their field, who have books coming out and everything:)  Emily has a San Francisco Radio Talk  Show called ” Sex With Emily’ where she talks about everything sexual- from having multiple partners to doing it with a woman or a black man. She also turns her nose up at the idea of Monogamy. Her brother thinks its because of how she viewed their parents bad advice and he also thinks Emily is too skinny-asking if she is “throwing up.” hmmm…

Moving along to Julia… Julia is the quirkiest one in the bunch. A Relationship Columnist, she moves from Chicago where she wrote for Michigan Ave Magazine ( among others)  to Los Angeles California and began writing for Ellle Magazine. The thing is, Julia feels a bit stuck because she’s not being true to who she is. She practically misses all the red flags of dating when she literally throws herself in the arms of potential long term suitors- her sense of urgency in these instances ultimately drives the guys away! Julia is famous for her columns on relationships, but, she’s terrible at finding a “keeper” for herself- a word Julia? Slow your role and allow the chemistry to marinate for both of you, before expressing your “need to know” to a guy you’ve allowed to sleep over on your couch.

Amy lives in New York City! Oh, yea, man, Amy has it going on- well she does have the fame and fortune that her expertise in Matchmaking has afforded- appearing on numerous talk shows, inclusive of Oprah Winfrey & The Today Show ( barely touching on all of her guest appearances in the media) Still, Amy seems too conscious of age. She goes out with a much younger guy and feels a connection. She quickly makes a decision that he could be the one after two dates.  When youngblood doesn’t call her after the two dates, Amy, the matchmaker goes ballastic! She had planned their wedding and how many kids they’d have together before the guy even acknowledged his intentions-

Relationships, even for those giving advice, are hard and Miss Advised is an example of what you shouldn’t do. Maybe the show should be called “Ill-Advised?” One thing I admit to y’all after watching Miss Advised? I’d rather write a letter to Dear Abby:)



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