MaCray: Chicagolicious Breakout Reality TV Star!

Hi my people. G-moguls-all.  So, let’s talk about MaCray, that cut up diva-licious fellow who will become the next Reality Breakout Star! Don’t go forgetting where y’all heard it from either cause that seems to be happening a lot these days. Just sayin’. Okay, so here are the reasons I think MaCray will get top consideration to become the next Reality TV Show star:

He has personality that outshines even AJ’s. His speech (speak) is a riot. He has untapped style creativity, even beating out a vocally enhanced and senior hair stylist, Valincia He garners much approval & praise for his style ideas from AJ and fashion designers. His creative juices on hair styles are spot on!

MaCray for all of his MaCray-isms, is not without a bit of mama and boyfriend drama, doncha know? His mother, Velma comes to visit, right and MaCray is nervously trying to find the right time & space to tell her he’s gay ( psst, a mother knows) I mean, it’s sooo obvious to everyone MaCray is gay.  I’m betting mom knew years ago, but hoped she wasn’t right in her “knowing” and intuitiveness. But best believe that a mother is going to love her child…no matter what, she just won’t be having grandkids 🙂 MaCray you just need to man up!

Aside: Reportedly, Ms. Velma can cook up a storm and surpasses Paula Deen in the kitchen!

Now, boyfriend Wesley is white. And like MaCray, has that Southern twang. I’m a Southerner too, bu  I don’t sing like these guys. Just sayin.These two are HILARIOUS! Anyhoo, MaCray is definitely taking over AJ’s Salon with his wonderful stories from home, his little Southern say-isms, his confidence in his style talents and his all around great demeanor. Remember how he calmed his boyfriend and made him laugh? Ladies, take notes on the way you tame petty jealousies, even those unfounded.

Now, head over to StyleNetwork to catch the YouTube video with MaCray dishing out some of his fab AT&T (All this and that) style advice.

Okay, so Valincia is a riot on Chicagolicious, doncha know? She’s got this gorgeous head of hair. You go Angela Davis and she can style hair a bit… but that attitude needs to go! Talk about Jealousy. The woman is imbued with the green eyed monster. Okay, she is the senior among a room of juniors, but honey, wear your experience with dignity and aplomb! Also AJ is still attempting to climb to the top with his celebrity connections. It seems to work. He will build his salon’s brand- by any means necessary.

Howard is feeling slighted and decided to build up his presence and clients ( benefiting the salon, as well) as the barber whose expertise includes more than an ordinary haircut. Only thing, he’d better ask AJ before using AJ’s PR team. What is it about these Hair Salon rules? “You work for me, so you cannot build your own brand without my permission?” Anyhoo, that spells “ownership” to me.

Listen up now.

Gabby Douglas has been endorsed for the Kellogg’s Cereal Brand and also as Cover-girl for their Makeup line! Now, take that all y’all haters about Gabby’s hair and such. I say “let your haters be your motivators!” Still gotta see that movie-dang.

Clint Eastwood endorses Mitt Romney- wonder how Dina feels about that?



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