Spoiler Alerts: Chad Ochocinco & Evelyn Lozada-Ochocino

Okay, so I read about most of this news on Sunday at Rolling Out Magazine and I was thinking 1. drat, this is going to spoil it for myself and my readers before the Reality Show returns and 2. Why now, guys? Anyhoo, because all of this drama is unfolding at a rapid rate, I felt, I’d better not hold out any longer with the 411 on Evelyn Lozado and new hubby Chad Ochocinco!

The two as many of y’all know got married on July 4th. The pictures of the wedding was all over the place, including Us Weekly and Life & Style. But, I didn’t get the goods from these mags, instead, Rolling Out had some of this N that about the couple’s nuptials and a bit about Love & Hip Hop’s Atlanta, Scrappy getting down on his knees to ask Erica (his baby’s mama) to marry him on their upcoming reunion special-sending his friend/lover, Shay, running off the set in tears!

Yea, spoiler alert, right? Anyhoo, all of that caught yours truly by surprise and wasn’t going to breathe a word until after the reunion show, but, stuff is hitting the fan_ what with Chad reportedly arrested for giving his new bride a head butt during an argument on August 11th-which resulted in Evelyn Lozada sustaining a measurable gash to her forehead. Ochocinco was arrested for domestic abuse after Evelyn called the police. Now he’s been released and finds himself without a J.O.B. because according to Inside Edition reports, The Miami Dolphins promptly fired him!

Not only that, but, the two were set to began airing their Reality Show, “Ev And Ocho” in September. That show has been yanked by the Networks with no immediate plans to ever air it! Royce, a known foe and arch- frenemy of Evelyn’s on The Basketball Wives was given a brief commentary seat Inside Edition and she spoke of people who liked both Evelyn and Ocho and how they would continue to stand by them…anyone who views this segment can’t help but notice the glee coming from Royce’s pores- just sayin.

Royce did say how “Sad” that the incident happened as she tried to maintain a poker face. Anyhoo, people, I am shocked- not that it happened, considering some of the scenes viewers got to see of the two of them, but, that it happened so quickly. Chad is a big kid who cannot control his temper tantrums when he’s not winning the fight. Domestic Abuse is a problem and these two suddenly married? Okay, Evelyn, the flags, err, balls are in your court. 


08/13/12 Update: Ochocinco tells News Station it was his wife who head butted him after argument ensued over receipt for “condoms”… Stay tuned!


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