On The Real With Reality TV

Hello my peeps! long time and I know y’all want to hear from yours truly. just sayin’…Anyhoo, been doing a bit of marketing and guest posting for my stuff, doncha know and with slightly fair results…okay, so I ain’t nobody’s Rihanna! Anybody catch that Oprah interview? I want the 411 cause I haven’t seen it. Does she still love her some Chris Brown, after the fact?

Speaking on domestic violence- got it from a very, very, reliable source who went to see the movie, SPARKLE ( Whitney, rest in peace) that when a domestic violence scene was shown ( not in the original) folks all up in the theatre were hooting & hollering-yes, even the women-go figure… Of course, it’s a movie, but, it’s also depicting violence against women- a somber scene should elicit laughter? I think not!

Statistically speaking, every 7 seconds a woman is beaten and abused by a partner, or ex-partner ( Chris Brown & Rihanna). 25% of all homicides in this country of women between the ages of 15 & 24 are in intimate or dating relationships- sort of takes the fun out of reality, huh?

Anyhoo, just like you, I’m against domestic violence against women and girls. Andrea Kelly, ex- wife of R. Kelly, admitted that she had been abused in her younger years and equated it with “normal” having seen it as a child and survived it as well in her personal life. Hollywood Exes have plenty stories to share, outside of Reality TV.

Check it: K. Michele of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, for years told of the abuse she suffered at the hands of a fellow in the “business” y’all know by now, who dude is, but, you didn’t get it from me. Anyhoo, K. Michele is being second guessed by another cast member on the show, because she is friends with guy & family- say what!?! You question if athis woman got beat because of friendship? Women, who are sisters, get some pride, empower yourselves and embrace your sisters who have been victimized!

Okay, now look ( there’s Wendy) I ain’t trying to preach, but, as an advocate for women, children and the elderly, this g-mogul must have her say. “ya feel me?”

Anyhoo, I’m fun, fierce & fine! ( not necessarily in that order) and I’m all about keeping it on the real…trust.



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