The Housewives Of New Jersey-Feuding!

Okay, so listen , I am sooo tired of my gurl Wendy Williams darn re-runs!  Can hardly wait for all new September shows…anyhoo, I’m tired Wendy! Hold on to your remotes this week because the stuff is totally jumping off with the last season for quite a few Reality Shows like Love & Hip Hop Atlanta …reunion tonight.  Remember, there was a spoiler report before tonight’s VH1 airing- Scrappy sends Shay crying from the stage when he gets on bended knee to asks Erica to marry him. Erica taking him back will still be a surprise, though, considering…

Seems Rob Kardashian is getting consoled by Rihanna (reportedly) of late and he sorely appears to need it after last night’s episode went down. Poor Rob is having sibling issues as he and his sisters are at each other’s throats over their mom’s Kris apparent favoritism- Kim being the apple of their mom’s eye, doesn’t set too well with the other siblings, especially Rob, who refers to Kim as a selfish “b8tch!” his words y’all… Kim wants to branch out on her own without her sister’s input and they in turn feel like she’s ‘tainting’ the Kardashian brand-go figure. anyhoo, the therapist could feel brother Robert’s pain and advised him to let it out AND man, Rob let it out, crying like a man and everything…we feel ya Rob!

Okay, now, let’s be clear in regards to these Reality TV Shows… As g-moguls we’re all aware these shows that the viewers are seeing have been months in the making, right? I mean, by the time they’re aired for public consumption- those folks have moved on and gotten a life, or, not:) Take last night’s episode of Season 4’s Housewives Of New Jersey as example. Everyone goes to Napa for wine tasting, business and impromptu vacation. They all are just trying to get along amid underlying currents of resentment, anger and distrust. Then, as the alcohol is non stop, people start nipping, quipping and snarling, until stuff hits the fan!

Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo have a big blow out. There’s name calling as in Caroline to Teresa… “you suck”…. “you’re a disgrace” and a liar:) Teresa did act ugly y’all when she gave a toast and deliberately failed to include her cousin Kathy in the warm family sentiment- sooo obvious even to home viewers and Caroline, at 51 in a few days- yes, that whole thing happened over a year ago… seems to be on the money about Teresa Giudice. just sayin’

Andy Cohen had a one on one face off  on his Watch What Happens Live and the women re-hashed old hurts and blowouts. Teresa refuses to own up to why Caroline feels she’s not sincere. and keeps taking digs at Caroline by referencing Caroline’s age-ha! I have to say, that doesn’t make any sense unless Teresa knows firsthand how much it hurts Caroline to be reminded…hmm

So, the question of the day? Is Caroline right about Teresa? And who was Joe talking with on the phone in NAPA before Teresa came up and made him take her off into the vineyards for sex? Relunctant sex on his part, doncha know?



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