Chicago News & Other Stuff!

So, my sister calls and wakes me up at 6AM! I am in sync with the early mornings, doncha know? but, dang it-wanted to sleep a bit longer-is all. Anyho, this is about the happening going on in my own backyard, so to speak. I posted a Tweet on Wednesday about the children of Michael Jackson coming to their dad’s hometown of Gary, Indiana to honor his  birthday and such-Paris tweeted a sweet notation for her twitter fans. We all miss THE king of Pop and I’m not talkin’ Justin Bieber – just sayin’

Okay, now,word out of Chicago is that Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has indeed filed a 10 day strike notice! Yes, school starts Sept 4th for these children and everyone know how this could affect over 26,ooo children in th Chicago Public Schools. Hopefully, the teachers will get their concerns met, in essence 1.Salary. 2. job security. 3. Health Benefits…No classroom instructions can take place because of the law, but, apparently concessions are being made to open areas for children to come for breakfast, lunches and teacher interventions. Parents are aware of the needs of these teachers, but, their children will ultimateely become victims of this impending strike! 

 Steve Harvey has probably moved his family into their new Chicago dwellings by now, in preparation for his new show broadcast from the “Windy City.” Hmm, wonder if his children will be going to private school. I didn’t actually watch the the Republican Convention, but, heard through the grapevine how Condoleezza Rice tore into President Obama on his Foreign Policy failures. At least the President knows about Foreign Policy. Can you say the same about ole Mitt? Conde, I’m ashamed…

The Republicans are having t-shirts made vowing to oust Illinois Speaker of The House, Mike Madison out of Chicago House of Representives, a Democrat who the Republicans think has held them back long enough from taking over Chicago and the world:)  This is SERIOUS, people!

Mrs. Romney wore Oscar de la renta RED for her specch at the convention. Was this a subtle swipe at the First Lady? Y’all know, Mrs. Obama caught flax from the designer early on for allegedly wearing more foreign designers than american… Of course, he meant his designs 🙂  Michele Obama doesn’t wear de la renta..  so,stay in your place (little man) ha!

I don’t care for any talk on Drew Petersen…

Chuckle me this…Who’s going to buy Elvis Presley’s “nasty” stained underwear he wore in a 1977 concert, that’s going on auction for $16,000? “VOMIT-GAG-UPCHUCK”



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